Grace Gillard

Key Info

  • Position Title
    Research Assistant, Australian Museum and former Honours student, UNSW Sydney & Australian Museum
  • Section
    Herpetology Collection
    Australian Museum Research Institute

I am passionate about amphibian conservation, and have a keen interest in taxonomy and conservation biology. I previously completed a Bachelor of Science (Zoology) at the University of New England, and I have recently completed an Honours project at UNSW Sydney and the Australian Museum, for which I examined variation in banjo frog advertisement calls using FrogID submissions.

In my spare time I volunteer as a WIRES rescuer, and enjoy birdwatching, kayakking, and bushwalking.


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  • Gillard, G.L. & Rowley. J.J.L. (2023). Assessment of the acoustic adaptation hypothesis in frogs using large-scale citizen science data. Journal of Zoology. 320(4), 271-281. full text
  • Cutajar, T.P., Portway, C.D., Gillard, G.L. and Rowley, J.J.L. (2022). Australian Frog Atlas: species’ distribution maps informed by the FrogID dataset. Technical Reports of the Australian Museum, Online 36: 1–48. full text