Dane Trembath

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    Collection Manager, Herpetology
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    Herpetology Collection
    Life and Geosciences
    Australian Museum Research Institute
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Dane is a biologist with a focus on the herpetology of the northern tropics of Australia. Having lived in the tropics for over twenty years, Dane has conducted research into the ecology of tropical snakes and turtles. While doing this research, he became aware of the large amount of cryptic diversity present in the herpetological fauna. Dane is currently undertaking taxonomic work on tropical snakes and frogs and is also working on the FrogID project.

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  • Masters of Applied Science, University of Canberra, ACT, Australia (2005). Thesis: “The Comparative Ecology of Krefft’s River Turtle Emydura krefftiiin Tropical North Queensland”
  • Bachelor of Science (Zoology), James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia (2002)

Other Appointments

  • Research Associate, Natural Sciences, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, since 2006.
  • Zoologist in Residence, The Essington School, Darwin, since 2016

Grants, Awards & Scholarships

  • 2010 Caring for our Country: Community Action Grant. Population monitoring of the pig-nosed turtle in the Daly River - Monitoring nest sites and the impacts of feral animals and learn catching techniques for measuring and microchipping


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