Tom Parkin

Key Info

  • Position Title
    Researcher, Herpetology
  • Section
    Herpetology Collection
    Australian Museum Research Institute

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I’m a research officer with the Australian Museum herpetology department. I work on a broad range of research projects, with a focus on using molecular techniques to answer questions about the taxonomy, phylogeography, population dynamics and conservation of Australian frogs and reptiles.


  • Graduate Certificate in Communication, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, NSW, Australia (2020)
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NT, Australia (2013)

Scientific publications and technical reports

  • Parkin, T., Rowley, J.J.L, Gillard, G., Sopniewski, J., Shea, G.M. & Donnellan, S.C. (2024). Systematics and taxonomy of the Northern Banjo Frog (Anura: Limnodynastidae: Limnodynastes terraereginae) and allied taxa. Ichthyology and Herpetology. 112(1):76-105.
  • von Takach, B., Lettoof, D. C., Parkin, T., de Laive, A., Allen, L., & Jolly, C. J. (2023). Analysing spatiotemporal patterns of snake occurrence in an Australian city to help manage human-wildlife conflict. Biodiversity and Conservation, 33, 1-14.
  • Parkin, T., Rowley, J.J.L, Elliot-Tate, J., Mahony, M., Sumner, J., Melville, J. & Donnellan, S.C. (2024). Systematic assessment of the brown tree frog (Anura: Pelodryadidae: Litoria ewingii) reveals two endemic species in South Australia. Zootaxa.5406 (1): 1–36. full text
  • Parkin, T., Donnellan, S.C, Parkin, B., Shea, G.M., Rowley, J.J.L. (2023). Phylogeography, hybrid zones and contemporary species boundaries in the south-eastern Australian smooth frogs (Anura: Myobatrachidae: Geocrinia). Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution. 189, 2023, 107934. full text
  • Beranek, C.T., Hamer, A.J., Mahony, S.V., Stauber, A., Ryan, S.A., Gould, J., Wallace, S., Stock, S., Kelly, O., Parkin, T., Weigner, R., Daly, R., Callen, A., Rowley, J.J.L., Klop-Toker, K., Mahony, M. (2023). Severe wildfires promoted by climate change negatively impact forest amphibian metacommunities. Diversity and Distributions. full text.
  • Lettoof, D. C., Parkin, T., Jolly, C. J., de Laive, A., & von Takach, B. (2023). Snake life history traits and their association with urban habitat use in a tropical city. Urban Ecosystems, 26, 433-445.
  • Cornelis, J., Parkin, T., & Bateman, P. W. (2021). Killing them softly: a review on snake translocation and an Australian case study. Herpetological Journal, 31(3), 118–131.
  • Parkin, T., Jolly, C. J., De Laive, A., & Von Takach, B. (2021). Snakes on an urban plain: temporal patterns of snake activity and human–snake conflict in Darwin, Australia. Austral Ecology, 46(3), 449-462.
  • Buckley, K., Parkin, T., Einoder, L. & Gillespie, G. (2016). Terrestrial vertebrate survey of East Point Reserve and Nightcliff Foreshore, Darwin NT. Technical report prepared for Darwin City Council.
  • Oliver, P. & Parkin, T. (2015). Aspidites melanocephalus (Black-headed Python). Diet. Herpetological Review, 46(1):99.
  • Madani, G. & Parkin, T. (2015). Litoria chloris (Red-eyed Tree Frog). Predation. Herpetological Review. 46(2):234-235.
  • Ellis, R., Spencer, P., Doody, S. & Parkin, T. (2015). A significant south-western range extension for the desert mouse (Pseudomys desertor) in Western Australia. Australian Mammalogy, 38(1), 1071/AM14041.
  • Oliver, P. & Parkin, T. (2014). A new phasmid gecko (Squamata: Diplodactylidae: Strophurus) from the Arnhem Plateau: More new diversity in rare vertebrates from northern Australia. Zootaxa, 3878(1): 37-48.
  • Cowan, M. & Parkin, T. (2012). Vertebrate Survey of Credo Station, Goldfields Region, Western Australia. Technical report prepared for BushBlitz Bio-discovery Program.
  • Parkin, T. & Schembri, B. (2011). Notes on the northern mangrove seasnake, Parahydrophis mertoni (Roux 1910) (Serpentes: Elapidae). Herpetofauna, 41(1-2):58-61.