Mr Ross Pogson, Collection Manager Geosciences, AMRI

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  • Position Title
    Collection Manager, Mineralogy & Petrology and Group Manager, Geosciences & Archaeology
  • Section
    Mineralogy and Petrology
    Life and Geosciences
    Australian Museum Research Institute

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Ross has been with the Australian Museum since 1979, currently as a Scientific Officer, Collection Manager for Mineralogy & Petrology and Group Manager, Geosciences & Archaeology. He runs the Museum’s X-ray Diffraction (XRD) analytical facility. Ross’ principle duties involve the management of a rock, mineral, meteorite and tektite collection of over 80,000 items, and associated public program, loan and educational activities.

Ross’ scientific interests include physical mineralogy, X-ray Diffraction, photomicroscopy and computer applications, with also a background in Exploration Geophysics.

His research focuses on:

  • Laser Raman Spectroscopy studies of zeolites and other minerals.
  • Limestone cave (karst) minerals, especially at Jenolan Caves in NSW, where many species previously unknown from this locality have been identified, and other limestone cave systems in Australia and overseas.
  • Carbonate, silica and iron oxide/hydroxide minerals of siliceous environments such as sandstone cliff overhang caves in the Blue Mountains and other NSW localities.
  • Meteorites.

Ross was a member of the Exhibition Project Teams for “Planet of Minerals” (1984) and “Albert Chapman Collection” (1996) galleries at the Australian Museum. He has acted as an external supervisor and thesis assessor for several University Geology Hons. students.

Ross is a past Education Officer, Librarian, Secretary and Vice-President of the Mineralogical Society of NSW, and a current member of the Astronomical Society of NSW, Geological Society of Australia, Royal Society of NSW, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Linnean Society of NSW, Society of Mineral Museum Professionals, and the Australian Cave & Karst Managers Association. He is a keen amateur astronomer and photographer. He regularly gives lectures to professional and amateur societies and conference presentations, and publishes on various aspects of mineralogy, petrology and meteoritics, with over 50 jointly authored papers.


Diploma in Technology (Science), (Credit), NSW Institute of Technology, 1975

Bachelor of Applied Science (1st Class Honours), University of Technology, Sydney, 1979. Thesis Title: ‘The Geology and mineralisation of Cullulla Silver-Lead Mine, south-eastern New South Wales, supported by resistivity and self-potential prospecting with a simplified portable apparatus”

Master of Science, University of Technology, Sydney, 2001. Thesis Title: ‘Laser Raman characterisation of zeolites’

Selected publications

  • Sutherland, F.L., Graham, I.T., Zwingmann, H., Och, D., Gardner, C.J., Pogson, R.R., Griffiths, R.J. and A. Lay, 2019. Triassic to Neogene tectono-magmatic events within Lorne Basin evolution, coastal New South Wales, eastern Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences. DOI: 10.1080/08120099.2019.1625811
  • Attenbrow, V., Bryant, R., Corkill, T., Pogson, R.E., and P. Grave, 2019. Geological sources and chronological change in ground-edged artefacts of the Hawkesbury region, the Sydney Basin: A Macdonald River case study. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 24:631-639.
  • Pathmakumara Jayasingha, Armstrong, R.A., and R.E. Pogson, 2018. Sthreepura cave at Kiriwanagama, south central Sri Lanka: A network cave in saprolite and proterozoic quartzite. Acta Carsologica 47 (2-3).
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