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  • Position Title
    Natural Sciences Digitisation Manager
  • Branch
    Citizen Science and Expeditions
    Australian Museum Research Institute
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Rhiannon is the Natural Sciences Digitisation Manager at the Australian Museum. She is working on the Collection Enhancement Project coordinating the digitisation efforts throughout the museum.

She has spent the last nine years as the DigiVol Coordinator at the Australian Museum and has also worked at the Royal Botanic Gardens in the Australasian Virtual Herbarium. In this time, she has gained a thorough understanding of digitisation within museum and herbaria collections.

In her time as the DigiVol Online Coordinator she has been instrumental in the success of DigiVol in becoming the world’s leading collection transcription platform.

Rhiannon has complete knowledge of collection management, the DigiVol programme as well as the EMu database and the Atlas of Living Australia.

She will continue to consult with the DigiVol team whilst coordinating digitisation within the museum.


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