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    Conservator, Collections Care & Conservation
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    Collection Care & Conservation
    Australian Museum Research Institute
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Sayang is the Collection Care Conservator at the Australian Museum. They actively monitor the Museum’s environmental conditions to ensure that the conditions are optimal for minimal risk of deterioration. The other part of their role is the Integrated Pest Management System, which is a preventive system using knowledge of pest’s ecosystem to control pest infestations in order to minimise the use of chemical applications. Sayang also assists with the testing of collections for hazardous materials.

In previous roles in both private and public organisations, Sayang has carried out conservation treatments on a wide range of materials and objects, such as ceramics, plastics, contemporary art, and metals. Sayang has experience in preventive and remedial conservation for taxidermy, organic materials, ceramics, metal, and heritage materials. Sayang has experience in undertaking project management for sculptural and built heritage.

In the management of conservation and restoration projects, Sayang has developed skills in;

  • Client relations, team management, and budget management through all phases of work
  • Condition inspection and assessment, trials and brief development, provision of recommendations, specification of works, co-ordination of conservation works, reporting and provision of maintenance schedules.


  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science (archaeology), University of Sydney
  • Graduate Certificate in Heritage Conservation, University of Sydney
  • Master of Cultural Material Conservation, University of Melbourne