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  • Position Title
    Manager, Digital Collections and Citizen Science
  • Branch
    Digital Collections & Citizen Science
    Australian Museum Research Institute

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Paul is Manager of Digital Collections and Citizen Science

He is responsible for:

  • providing access to digital collections including all data, metadata and multimedia associated with the collections and managing all internal and external clients access to the digital collections.
  • managing all matters relating to the Collection Database Management System (EMu),
  • digitising the collections through both staff and volunteer efforts, he created the DigiVol website which enables online volunteers to assist Museums around the world in digitising their collections
  • heading up the Australian Museums Centre for Citizen Science which involves representing the Museums interests externally in relation to citizen science including the Australian Citizen Science Association for which the Museum is the host instuitution, developing a program of citizen science projects and coordinating the Museums activities in relation to citizen science.
  • working with other Museum staff to develop and implement a 5 year program of expeditions

Paul joined the Museum in 1998, establishing the Museum’s spatial analysis capacity and initially managing the GIS facilities and modelling the spatial distribution of biodiversity. As part of an Australian Museum team he provided input to the Forestry assessment process that saw invertebrates being used for the first time in the designing and specification of reserve systems in the eastern forests of NSW.

He has been instrumental in building the Museum’s reputation as a world leader in biodiversity informatics. Paul has a particular interest in developing innovative solutions to biodiversity informatics challenges, in particular web based applications for accessing and analysing biodiversity collection data. In recent years he has developed the DigiVol project. which is recognised globally as an innovative best practice volunteer based program for digitising natural history collections. DigiVol forms the basis of the Museums current drive to digitise its collections in an environment of scarce funding.

Before coming to the Australian Museum he worked for the NSW Department of Agriculture, monitoring cropping and clearing in western NSW using satellite imagery and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, researching methods for identifying native vegetation alteration using remote sensing, and applying GIS to conservation planning and natural resource management.


Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Botany and a Master of Science in Remote Sensing. at the National Parks and Wildlife Service.


Paul was the recipient of the highly regarded Ebbe Nielsen Prize from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility in 2007 for his innovative work in biodiversity informatics.