Zosteria punicea holotype frontal.

Key Info

Natalie's work involves taking high-resolution macro images of specimens in the Australian Museum's Entomology collection, with a particular focus on Type specimens. Natalie's work involves capturing the beauty and intricate design of insects that we don’t normally get to see unless we put them under the lens. Having the Type specimens preserved in photograph form means researchers around the world can work on them even after the physical specimen has deteriorated. Natalie also assists with the curation of the collection to provide material for our wonderful DigiVol Lab volunteers to digitise. In her spare time, Natalie is finishing a project for her Masters on crop-pollinating flies of Australia and New Zealand.


  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Sydney, 2014)
  • Graduate Diploma of Conservation Biology (Macquarie University, 2019)
  • Masters of Environmental Science & Management (University of New England, still completing)

Grants, awards and scholarships

ABRS-CHAFC Taxonomy Capacity-Building Grant (2022)

ABRS-SASB Student Travel Grant (2022)