Profile of Max Moulds

Key Info

  • Position Title
    Senior Fellow, Entomology
  • Section
    Entomology Collection
    Life and Geosciences
    Australian Museum Research Institute
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In the past Max's interests in entomology have covered butterflies, dragonflies, true flies and historical entomological literature. Today his research focuses primarily of the systematics of cicadas (Cicadoidea), hawkmoths (Sphingidae) and the emperor moths (Saturniidae), particularly on their higher level classification and biology.

Max also has an interest in fossil cicadas. Although his research focuses on morphology, he works in collaboration with molecular systematists at Connecticut University as a Co-Principal Investigator or Collaborator on NSF grants. Having recently finished writing a definitive book on Australian hawkmoths Max is now doing another on Australian cicadas and one in collaboration on Australian and New Guinea emperor moths.


  • MSc Macquarie University
  • PhD University of Sydney

Grants, awards and scholarships

  • LeSouef Memorial Award
  • Whitley Medal
  • Honorary Life Member Entomological Soc. Qld
  • Australian Natural History Medallion


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