Indiana Riley

Key Info

  • Position Title
    Technical Officer, Ichthyology
  • Section
    Ichthyology Collection
    Life and Geosciences
    Australian Museum Research Institute

Indy is an early career scientist currently working as a Technical Officer in the Ichthyology section. She completed her Honours research on cryptic fish taxonomy with UNSW, NSW DPIE, and AMRI in early 2021, and has been working with the Ichthyology team ever since. As a Technical Officer, Indy assists with a broad range of collection maintenance and management tasks, including the identification, preservation, and registration of new fish specimens as well as the maintenance and inventory of the vast fish collections at the museum.

Indy is particularly interested in the taxonomy and genetics of larval fishes. Over the past few years, she has worked with Prof. Iain Suthers (UNSW) and Dr. Tony Miskiewicz (AM Research Fellow) on identifying and sequencing larval fish specimens collected from marine waters all around Australia and has taught and supervised several student volunteers and Honours candidates working with these larval specimens at UNSW.


  • Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Arts

Other Appointments

  • Adjunct Academic Fellow, UNSW Biological, Earth, and Environmental Sciences


  • Riley, I.J., DiBattista, J.D., Stewart, J., Schilling, H.T., Suthers, I.M. 2023. Using integrative taxonomy to differentiate cryptic halfbeak species and interpret distribution patterns, fisheries landings, and speciation. Marine and Freshwater Research 74(2), 125-133.
  • Schilling, H.T., Riley, I.J., Puckeridge, A.C., Milne-Muller, A., Callaghan, C.T. 2022. Economic value of regional spearfishing competitions. Fisheries Research 250, 106289.
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