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  • Position Title
    Technical Officer, Mineralogy & Petrology
  • Section
    Mineralogy and Petrology
    Life and Geosciences
    Australian Museum Research Institute

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Areas of experience include: geology, mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, gemmology, fieldwork, specimen collection and curation, stereo and petrographic microscopy, x-ray diffraction, geotechnical centrifuge testing, particle size distribution, liquid water isotope testing, heavy mineral separations and drill core logging.

From a very early age, Dayna picked up rocks and marvelled in their shapes and colours. Collecting minerals and rocks continued and gave rise to questions as to how they were formed and why they were found at this point on the planet. This strong interest of knowledge lead to studying geology, remote sensing, geochemistry and gemmology. Her studies and previous research has taken her to PNG and country NSW investigating gold geochemistry and aquitard geology respectively. Both involving a large range of investigative techniques and laboratory instrumentation.

Today, Dayna uses this knowledge and understanding to assist in curating the Australian Museums 80,000+ specimen collection of minerals, rocks, gemstones, meteorites and tektites. Her assistance in collection management plays a role in setting up public gallery displays, aiding visiting researchers and her own investigations of the collections heritage, specimen species and locality identifications.

Dayna has a strong interest in bringing the adventure and knowledge of geoscience to the public by engaging people on the gallery floor and assisting in specimen identifications.


BSc (Hon 1) in Geology with Spatial Information Systems minor (UNSW) (Thesis title: Sedimentary Stratigraphy and Gold Geochemistry on Woodlark Island, PNG).

Currently studying for a Diploma in Gemmology (Gemmological Association of Australia).