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Dr Claire Rowe started her career as a volunteer in the Marine Invertebrates department of the Australian Museum in 2014 while completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney. In 2015 she was employed as a Technical Officer, and since then has worked on various projects within the department. In 2018, Claire commenced her PhD through the University of Sydney and the Australian Museum Research Institute. Her project focused on the identification, seasonality and population dynamics of upside-down jellyfish (Cassiopea sp.) along the east coast of Australia. Since completing her PhD in 2022, Claire has continued her work as a technical officer and Collection Manager in the Marine Invertebrates department and represented the museum on CSIRO’s RV Investigator exploring the deep seamounts around Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.


  • PhD, University of Sydney
  • BSc (Hons), University of Sydney

Grants, awards and scholarships

  • 2020/21 AMF/AMRI Postgraduate Award Recipient


  • Rowe, C.E., Figueira, W., Raubenheimer, D., Solon-Biet, S.M. and Machovsky-Capuska, G.E., 2018. Effects of temperature on macronutrient selection, metabolic and swimming performance of the Indo-Pacific Damselfish (Abudefduf vaigiensis). Marine Biology, 165(11), p.178.
  • Rowe C.E., Figueira W.F., Kelaher B.P., Giles A., Mamo L.T., Ahyong S.T., Keable S.K. (2022) Evaluating the effectiveness of drones for quantifying invasive upside-down jellyfish (Cassiopea sp.) in Lake Macquarie, Australia. PLoS ONE 17(1): e0262721.
  • Rowe C.E., Keable S.J., Ahyong S.T., Figueira W.F. (2022) Physiological responses of the upside-down jellyfish, Cassiopea (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa: Cassiopeidae) to temperature and implications for their range expansion along the east coast of Australia. JoEMBE 554: 151765