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    AMRI-ZAA Postdoctoral Fellow, Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics

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My research interests are in the field of evolution with a focus on species conservation. I employ genomic techniques to aid the protection and preservation of threatened wildlife.

My PhD research was in the field of Tasmanian devil conservation utilising laboratory and bioinformatic methodologies. I analysed whole genome sequencing data to investigate genetic variants underlying the rare ability of some individuals to overcome infection with devil facial tumour disease. I also conducted targeted sequencing to gain a better understanding of relatedness and genetic diversity amongst the insurance population of Tasmanian devils. I am interested in the practical application of conservation research into threatened species management.

My role at the ACWG extends my experience to other Australian marsupials, including the koala, with the aim of protecting the future of this iconic species.


  • PhD 2017 University of Sydney
  • BSc (1st class Hons) 2011 Macquarie University