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Amanda has 25 years of experience in Ichthyological collections and research and has been employed as Ichthyology collection manager since 2018. As collection manager, Amanda is responsible for developing and maintaining the museum’s fish collection, facilitating access to the collection for visiting researchers and through loans as well as providing expertise to the museum’s public programs, and answering public and scientific enquiries.

While employed at the Museum, Amanda has participated in various fieldtrips including documenting marine and freshwater fish fauna in NSW and Qld and behavioural capabilities of fish larvae. Amanda has a broad interest in the taxonomy and ecology of adult and larvae from the Indo-Pacific and with Dr Jeff Leis has spent 20 years providing pioneering research into the swimming and sensory abilities of fish larvae.

Along with the rest of the Ichthyology team Amanda is Curator of Australisian Fishes, a community driven citizen science and has already had an unprecedented impact.


BSc (Hons)

Selected publications

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