Long before dinosaurs roamed Earth, the mighty rivers of Central West NSW teamed with ancient fishes – armoured fishes, fishes with lungs, and some huge predators with jaws like crocodiles. Thousands of their fossils have been found at Canowindra and provide a unique glimpse into life during the Devonian Period. The Australian Museum has worked closely with the Canowindra fish fossil collection for many years.

During 2021 National Science Week, multi-disciplinary arts organisation the CORRIDOR project programmed and produced a series of online workshops for the general public, which were led by renowned Sydney-based artists. Participants co-created a short animated film based on Devonian creatures and habitats, titled - The Devonian Billabong.

Listen to Australian Museum palaeontologist Dr Matt McCurry, artists Todd Fuller and Angus Fisher, the CORRIDOR project – Creative Producer – Phoebe Cowdery and Inspiring Australia NSW Manager Jackie Randles for the virtual launch of The Devonian Billabong. Discover how science meets art, with this panel discussion and Q&A session.

Science meets art: Devonian Billabong film launch and panel event

The Devonian Billabong film

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