Presented by Dr Laetitia Gunton

Chadwick Biodiversity Fellow at the Australian Museum Research Institute.

In December 2018, scientists from the Australian Museum Research Institute joined a team of researchers from around Australasia on the ‘Seamount Corals Survey 2018,’ led by CSIRO and Parks Australia on board the Marine National Facility's RV ‘Investigator’. It was a month-long research voyage to map and explore deep-sea cold-water corals and their associated marine life on seamounts south of Tasmania. Also on board the ship was a team of journalists and camera crew documenting the scientific research and life on a scientific research expedition.

Dr Gunton will screen a series of short documentary films produced by the journalists during the voyage. Dr Gunton will also discuss how the diverse array of deep-sea biological samples collected during the expedition are being used by researchers at the Australian Museum to better understand these fascinating deep-sea environments.