Recommended age: 3 years +

Be transported in an immersive journey into the world of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures and come close to life-sized holograms - some of them as large as 20 metres long! Hologram Dinosaurs is a brand-new and cutting-edge experience that brings these long-extinct animals back to life before your eyes.

You'll discover four prehistoric environments as you enter a 20-metre hologram projection tunnel, where you'll encounter herds of large dinosaurs, meet a T. rex up close, dive with giant swimming reptiles or soar with pterosaurs!

*Please note: This experience requires the participants to wear glasses for the duration of the 45-minute experience (holograms only work with the glasses). The dinosaurs are real world sizes. Some will be extremely big which can possibly be frightening to some small children.

Ticket prices
Ticket type Price
Adult $25
Child $22.50
Adult Member $12.50
Child Member $11.25

What can you expect on your journey?

  • Prehistoric Aquarium

    Prepare for a breathtaking spectacle that transcends the boundaries of imagination as you find yourself immersed in a mesmerising underwater world, teeming with ancient aquatic reptiles such as ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs, as you watch them swim ‘through the air’ around you.

    In the midst of this awe-inspiring vision, your attention is captivated by the emergence of a Kronosaurus poking its head out to reach you.

  • Apatosaurus Nesting Ground

    Wander through the 20-metre-long tunnel, leading you to a world frozen in time, as you come across an Apatosaurus nesting ground.

    As you watch in amazement, a small crack appears on one of the eggs, growing wider with each passing moment, until you witness a baby dinosaur hatch. The Apatosaurus mother then puts her head three metres through the window into the room, as if to invite you into her world.

  • Pteranodon Canyon

    As you continue your journey, a new adventure awaits along the cliff's edge overlooking a magnificent canyon. Watch as the sky above you becomes a playground for giant Pteranodon, their massive wingspan casting shadows that dance upon the landscape.

    However, amidst the tranquillity, a warning beckons your attention. A distant rumble grows louder, drawing your gaze towards the source. There, at the edge of the cliff, a magnificent waterfall cascades down. Be careful not to fall!

  • T. rex Hunting Ground

    End your journey by coming face-to-face with a family of Tyrannosaurus rex. Immerse yourself in a vivid and authentic recreation of their ancient habitat, where you can observe these majestic creatures in their natural state, going about their everyday activities.

    Suddenly the mother T. rex notices you! She approaches the boundary that separates your world from hers and puts her head through the wall into the room as if to ‘eat’ you.

  • Hologram Pens

    Once you exit the tunnel, encounter more prehistoric creatures in the Hologram Pens. Meet some of the smaller ancient reptiles, such as a mother Velociraptor and her two babies, dragonflies, a long-necked plesiosaur, Triceratops and even baby sauropods!

  • Theatre

    Did you know that the word ‘dinosaur’ means 'terrible lizard’ in Greek? Or that bones and other fossils have been found on every single continent on Earth, including Antarctica? In this pre-show experience, meet Holi your hologram guide, who will share amazing facts about the animals you will encounter.


  • Adult - $25
  • Child (3-15 years) - $22.50
  • AM Member 50% off - Adult $12.50 | Child $11.25

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The experience lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Yes, we do! Card holders are admitted free with a fully paid ticket (concession or otherwise) - no need to book a ticket for them, just ensure they have the cards with them when you arrive.

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Children three years and over will be charged entry.

The Hologram Dinosaurs experience requires participants to wear glasses for the duration of the experience (holograms only work with the glasses, so glasses need to be worn to fully enjoy the experience).

The glasses contain two lenses separated by a small distance. This allows the holograms to appear as if 3D. This is different technology to VR goggles, that put a screen in front of your eyes.

We recommend children be over three years of age and able to wear glasses to enjoy the 45-minute Hologram Dinosaurs experience.

The age limit for children's tickets is 15 years and under.

The dinosaurs are real world sizes so some will be extremely big which can possibly be frightening to small children.

The tunnels are dark and the experience plays loud sounds, video and some bright lights. In busy times, the tunnels can be very noisy.

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