Located in Sydney our school excursions spark curiosity, develop scientific understanding and enhance cultural awareness in students of all ages. We offer fantastic learning opportunities for students and education groups of all ages.

Through immersive and object-based experiences, the Australian Museum’s school excursions and resources inspire, develop scientific understanding and enhance cultural awareness in students of all ages.

Learn more about our approach to education, discover the purpose of a museum and meet our team of educators.

Why visit the Museum?

The Australian Museum is uniquely placed to engage, inspire and educate school excursion groups. We showcase a world-class collection of cultural objects, scientific thought and cultural history.

With knowledge and stories from scientists and First Nations peoples, our educators open windows to our amazing world of exploration and deep history.

By participating in our school excursions, students will learn to think critically, how to empathise and be more engaged with the subjects they are participating in at school.

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What you will get out of your visit

  • Learn history and culture

    Students will have the opportunity to learn about our history and Pacific, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures from genuine objects which foster interesting and important conversations.

  • Explore animals

    Students will have the chance to get up close to and investigate animals from Australia and around the world you would otherwise be unable to see.

  • Touch fossils

    Students can touch real fossils from dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

  • Learn outside the classroom

    Stimulate learning outside the classroom in innovative exhibition environments.

  • Gain knowledge

    Gain knowledge about controversial topics from a trusted source.

  • Boost language development

    Boost language development, especially for early learners and students with English as an Additional Language or Dialect.

  • Encourage thinking skills

    Encourage critical and creative thinking skills.

  • Foster bonding

    Boost and foster bonding amongst student or family groups.

  • Create memories and experiences

    Create memories and experiences for students and encourage a desire to find out more.

  • Be inspired

    Because museums inspire...

What we have on offer

The Australian Museum's education team is committed to providing inspiring learning experiences that engage students in history, nature and culture.

We have a wide range of program types ranging self-guided and educator lead programs to professional development and in class learning resources.

Subjects we cover

We have education programs covering a range of learning subjects:

  • First Nations
  • Science
  • History
  • Climate change
  • Pasifika
  • Geography
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Creative Arts

Learning journeys

Make the most out of your school excursion with our themed learning journeys which explore exhibition-related topics such as climate change, evolution, animal adaptations and more! Follow along with our suggested plan of pre-visit stimulus, in-exhibition activities and post-visit classroom ideas to help you maximise learning and get the most out of your school excursion.

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Where are we located

Australian Museum Location map

The Australian Museum's main entrance is located on the corner of College Street and William Street in central Sydney. Just across the road from Hyde Park and opposite St Mary’s Cathedral.

For detailed information on planning your school excursion visit, see our School groups page.

Students participating in education session at AM

An excursion to the Australian Museum will spark curiosity, develop scientific understanding and enhance cultural awareness. Our education team have developed a range of learning resources and education programs to help you and your students get the most out of your visit.

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