Unsettled exhibition
Entry to the Unsettled exhibition in the Touring Hall of the Australian Museum. Image: James Alcock
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The Unsettled virtual excursion is an extension to the temporary exhibition Unsettled, shown at the Australian Museum in 2021. 2020 marked the 250th anniversary of James Cook's arrival to Australia on the HMB Endeavour and the exhibition was a First Nations response to this anniversary.

During this live session, students will explore the exhibition’s eight main themes including truth-telling, invasions within Australia's colonial history, frontier wars, massacres and acts of genocide and resistance. Truth-telling about Australia's past is an important process for understanding who we are now and how we came to be as a nation. We highly recommend engaging your students in the important topics explored during the virtual excursion.

This virtual excursion will be held online via Zoom. After booking, an email will be sent with your confirmed session details and the Zoom link.

Audience: This program is bookable for Stages 4–6.
Cost: $100 for the first class (up to 30 students), and $50 thereafter within the same school.
Duration: 60 minutes
Capacity: Up to 6 classes per session
Dates: various Wednesdays during Term 3 and 4, 2022

Please be aware that the Unsettled exhibition and this session deals with some confronting topics, including massacres and genocide. Some of the content may be distressing, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This should be taken into account when preparing your learning plan. You may want to consider additional classroom support or to give students the choice of opting out of the session.

If you would like some more information and advice when engaging with Unsettled, you can find a support letter from our Education team here.

NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum

History K–10 Syllabus

  • Stage 4: HT4-3, HT4-4, HT4-6, HT4-7
  • Stage 5: HT5-3, HT5-4, HT5-6, HT5-7

Modern History Stage 6 Syllabus

  • Year 11: MH11-2, MH11-3, MH11-4, MH11-5
  • Year 12: MH12-2, MH12-3, MH12-4, MH12-5

Any changes to numbers or cancellations must be made in writing by emailing group.bookings@australian.museum before the date for Final Confirmation (14 days prior to your visit).

Sessions require a minimum of 20 students to go ahead. While we make all attempts to combine schools to reach the minimum, we may cancel sessions if this minimum number cannot be reached.

Final booking numbers must be confirmed at least 14 days prior to the scheduled visit.

A tax invoice will be issued prior to your visit based on Final Confirmation details.

A tax invoice based on Final Confirmation details will be issued prior to your visit or session.

Please advise at the time of booking if the tax invoice needs to be issued to a different contact name or email address. NSW Department of Education schools that use the EDConnect payment system should advise this at time of booking and provide a purchase order number if required.

Our payment terms are net 14 days. However, it is the AM’s strong preference that bookings be paid in full prior to the visit.

Adjustments on the day – the AM will adjust the invoice amount and you must pay the difference where:
i) Group numbers increase from Final Confirmation numbers; or
ii) the Group changes to a more expensive booking/ticket.

The adjusted invoice payment terms are net 14 days. To be clear, where numbers are less than Final Confirmation numbers, no deductions or refunds will be given.

Group Bookings Terms and Conditions

To connect your classroom to the Australian Museum via virtual excursion you will need:

  • A reliable internet connection;
  • A camera and microphone connected to your device;
  • A device with a display, e.g. Laptop, Chromebook, iPad, Desktop.

If connecting a whole class or group together, you will also need:

  • A projector or screen connected to your device;
  • Working speakers connected to your device. Make sure they are switched on and the volume is up.

If connecting on individual devices, you will need:

  • Working speakers or headphones connected to your device. Make sure they are switched on and the volume is up.

The simplest way to connect is through a direct connection using Zoom. The connection does not require any software to be downloaded, but does require a computer (PC or Mac) with an internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone.

The Zoom connection to the Australian Museum is secure and private.

After confirming your school’s booking you will receive an instructional email during the week prior your session. This will contain the link to the Zoom room and the passcode required to enter the room. Click on the link to open the connection in your chosen web browser. Zoom will automatically activate your device’s camera and microphone.

For your Zoom username, please add your First Name, Class, and School, e.g. Thomas 5C Australian Public School. If you are joining as a whole class or group, just use your Class and School name. Once you have joined you will be in the waiting room until the host admits you to the room. If you are joining individually, the teacher will be admitted to the room first.

When you join, your camera will automatically be switched off and microphone muted. You will need to unmute your microphone to speak during the session and switch your camera on to be visible to the presenters and the other groups in the session.

Students need to be supervised at all times during the virtual excursion. If students are connecting via individual computers, please remind them to turn their cameras and microphones off unless asking a question.

During the virtual excursion

  • Follow any instructions from the presenter/host or your teacher.
  • The presenter will let you know how you can be involved in the session.
  • Keep your microphone turned off unless you are speaking.
  • If connecting on individual devices, you may like to blur your background or set it to a static picture if your video is on.
  • Student discipline and online behaviour is integral for a quality session. If a student or group is deemed to be acting in a disrespectful manner, they will be disconnected from the session.

If you are looking for resources to support your virtual excursion, you may want to access our learning journeys for secondary school students focusing on either art or history. These learning journeys include pre-visit stimulus, exhibition activities for when you are at the Museum (or after your virtual excursion) and post-visit classroom ideas. You can also access and download our Power through Poetry booklet, designed in partnership with Red Room Poetry to deepen student's engagement with the themes of this powerful exhibition.

You can also view our virtual tour of Unsettled, or hear more from one of the curators, Dr Mariko Smith, in our Curator in conversation: Unsettled virtual tour talk.

Explore our virtual tour of Unsettled