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Threatened Species: On the brink 

In the last 200 years, over 50 vertebrate species and an unknown number of invertebrates and plants have disappeared from Australia and presumed extinct. Many more are on the brink. It’s clear that our destructive lifestyle is a real threat to survival.


Clearing the land

Clearing the land for cities and towns, industry and agriculture has been a disaster for ancient habitats and the billions of animals that live in them. Between 1972 and 2006, it’s estimated nearly 4 billion birds, mammals and reptiles died as a result of land clearing in Australia.

Our heavy footprint

Human activity has accelerated climate change to dangerous levels and many species are bearing the consequences. The rising temperatures could be the final straw for many vulnerable Australian animals.
Take the endangered Mountain Pygmy Possum for example. It needs winter snow more than a metre deep in its alpine habitat to provide insulation while it hibernates. As the winters become milder and snowfall reduces, the Mountain Pygmy Possum’s future is looking bleak.

The silent killer

Disease always has, and always will, pose new threats. However, when animal and plant populations are already threatened by other environmental pressures, they are particularly vulnerable to disease. Surviving it depends on the basic health and diversity of the ecosystem.