The Sea Creatures box is a resource designed specifically for Early Childhood. The materials in the box have been carefully chosen to support both a factual approach to sea creatures as well as to spark creative, imaginative responses to them.

Museum in a box
Sea Life Museum in a box Image: James King
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The box includes many specimens that would be found at the beach, in rock pools and in the sea. Model sea stars, octopus and fish can all be used to recreate the underwater world.

Box Contents:

  • Replica Wobbegong shark, turtle, octopus and fish
  • A sea horse, crabs, coral and sharks' teeth embedded in clear plastic resin
  • Real shells, sea stars and sea urchins
  • Decorator Crab flip book
  • Magnetic puzzle, mix and match poster and images of magnified marine life
  • Coral Seas DVD
  • Hand puppets, finger puppets, felt seaweed and fabric to recreate marine habitats
  • Octopus poster, story and reference books
  • Teachers notes
  • Box Journal

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$110 (incl. GST) per box for NSW regional schools, PSFP schools and NSW age care facilities.

$154 (incl GST) per box for Greater Sydney postcodes; 2250 - 2260, 2500 - 2526, 2555 - 2573 & 2745 - 2770

$182 (incl. GST) per box for Sydney Metropolitan schools and interstate organisations.

The Australian Museum applies the designation of Sydney Metropolitan to schools with postcodes up to and including 2234.

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