The Day and Night box is a resource designed specifically for Early Childhood groups. The topic was chosen to complement children's fascination with creatures that they find and hear in their environment.

Tawny Frogmouth
Tawny Frogmouth Image: virtualwolf

It includes a great variety of real specimens, insects embedded in resin, finger puppets, handmade kingfisher and bat wings, puzzles, posters and books.


  • Grey Headed Flying fox
  • Ringtail Possum
  • Tawny Frogmouth
  • Sacred Kingfisher specimens
  • Replica lizard,
  • Replica snake,
  • Replica frog
  • Replica gecko
  • Animal poo and a moth and a butterfly embedded in clear plastic resin
  • Scats and Tracks flip book
  • Magnetic puzzle
  • Platypus DVD and Noises in the Night CD
  • Finger puppets and fabric to create your own habitats
  • Kingfisher and bat wings
  • Kookaburra poster, story and reference books
  • Teachers notes

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$110 (incl. GST) per box for NSW regional schools, PSFP schools and NSW age care facilities.

$154 (incl GST) per box for Greater Sydney postcodes; 2250 - 2260, 2500 - 2526, 2555 - 2573 & 2745 - 2770

$182 (incl. GST) per box for Sydney Metropolitan schools and interstate organisations.

The Australian Museum applies the designation of Sydney Metropolitan to schools with postcodes up to and including 2234.

Podargus strigoides

Head of frogmouth

Image: WK Clifford
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