The Human Evolution box explores the prehistory of humans - our earliest ancestors, our close relatives and our biological and cultural evolution.

Cast of a human skull (Homoergaster)
Cast of a human skull (Homoergaster) used for the WPY exhibition's photographic studio. This image illustrates the use of a reflector to bounce back light onto the object Image: Carl Bento
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It contains specimens and activities designed for senior students to work through some of the ideas and issues involved in the interpretation of our evolutionary history. The activities in this box will help students to examine:

  • differences between humans and other primates;
  • palaeontological and other evidence for the evolution of modern humans;
  • cultural development of modern humans;
  • our relationship to the rest of the animal kingdom leading to an appreciation of the biological characteristics of Homo sapiens;
  • the fossil evidence for human ancestry;
  • the origins of human culture.

Box Contents:

  • Book - From Lucy to Language
  • Specimens
  • Proconsul jaw
  • Sivapithecus jaw
  • Australopithecus afarensis jaw
  • A. africanus skull
  • A. africanus brain
  • A. africanus jaw
  • A. boisei skull
  • A. boisei jaw
  • Homo habilis
  • H. ergaster (erectus)
  • H. sapiens skull
  • H. sapiens jaw
  • Chimpanzee skull
  • Chimpanzee jaw
  • Chopper tool
  • Hand axe
  • Blade knife
  • Arrow head
  • Composite tool
  • Ground-edged axe

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