Bats make up about one fifth of all mammal species and are the only flying mammals. They play a very important role in our ecosystems.

Bats Museum in a Box
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Insect-eating bats are the only major predators of night-flying insects. Bats that feed on fruit and nectar play an important role in forest regrowth by dispersing seeds and helping to pollinate rainforest plants.


  • Grey-headed flying fox diorama
  • Cave-dwelling bat diorama
  • Tree-hollow-dwelling bat diorama
  • Bat skeleton embedment
  • Fascinating faces - cast

Teaching resources:

  • Information panels
  • Australian Bats book
  • Background Information and activities
  • Teachers guide
  • Bat species fact files
  • Bat puppets

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Miniopterus australis

Little Bentwing-bats illustration

Image: Andrew Howells
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