Museum in a Box is available for set three week loan periods and can be sent to any educational institution across Australia.

Museum in a box - cultural history
Indigenous Museum in a box Image: James King
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The Cultural History box examines the history of First Nations people in New South Wales. It will help students understand that Australia has a history that spans thousands of years and to recognise that the view of history depends on who is telling it. Students will use a range of tools, including archaeology, oral histories, written histories and art, to find out about the past and experience Australian history from First Nations perspectives.

Box Contents:

  • Replica archaeological peel of a midden
  • Message stick
  • Name plate
  • Large map of New South Wales
  • Significant Sites postcards
  • Significant Sites activity card
  • 5 Information panels
  • DVD's
  • Books
  • Posters

A charge applies to loan the Museum in a Box program for 3 weeks. This charge covers booking, handling, maintenance and freight of the box to and from any school or education institution. Please ensure you read the risk assessment before you book. A tax invoice will be sent after you book.

$110 (incl. GST) per box for NSW regional schools, PSFP schools and NSW age care facilities.

$154 (incl GST) per box for Greater Sydney postcodes; 2250 - 2260, 2500 - 2526, 2555 - 2573 & 2745 - 2770

$182 (incl. GST) per box for Sydney Metropolitan schools and interstate organisations.

The Australian Museum applies the designation of Sydney Metropolitan to schools with postcodes up to and including 2234.

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