1962 - 1964 Vol XIV  Contents
1962, March Vol XIV No 01 New Caledonia, the coral-ringed island
    Flying Foxes
    Chimbu plume traders
    Baler shells
    They're good bait
    The Tuatara, New Zealand's ancient reptile
    Book Reviews
    Notes and News
1962, June 15 Vol XIV No 02 Crabs of the Sydney foreshores
    Parental care in insects
    Obituary - O le M Knight
    Central Victorian Aboriginal weapons.
    Reptile studies in the Musgrave Ranges
    Anton Friedrich Bruun, 1901 - 1961
    Book Reviews
    Notes and News
    Life histories of two Australian insects
    The Crab's Eye Seed
1962, September 15 Vol XIV No 03 The Burrowing Shore Crab of South Australia
    Book Reviews
    The Wandering Albatross : a brief review of studies in progress
    Remarkable Grasshoppers from South Australia
    Plants of the past.
    Mermaid's Pennies
    The Biology of Warrangamba Dam (Lake Burragorang).
    Hydroids on marine snails
    Water Beetles
    The Privet Hawk-mouth Caterpillar
    Rabbit-eared Bandicoots or Bilbies
    Notes and News
    John Roach and the budgerigar
1962, December 15 Vol XIV No 04 The theme of the Australian Museum
    The new wing
    The Trustees
    An open exhibit
    The first hundred years
    Stories behind the museum's collections
    Book review
    Behind the scenes
    Field expeditions
    Beauty and the beasts : reorganization of the museum's mammal galleries
    Obituary: William Barnes
    Notes and News
    Education Services
1963, March 15 Vol XIV No 05 The origin of life
    The Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania
    The ringtail possum in South-Eastern Australia
    Deep-sea prawns - their colour and luminescence
    Minerals of the Mt. Painter Country
    Animal life in caves
    The biting midges
    Rare whale washed up on Sydney beach
    Scientific research at The Australian Museum
1963, June 15 Vol XIV No 06 Cuckoos
    Kangaroos and Wallabies in Aboriginal Life and Art
    The Common Freshwater Leech
    Fossil Marsupials and Drifting Sands
    Carnivorous Insects
    Copper Mining at Cobar
    Jelly-Fish Stings
    Sponges, the First Republicans
    Notes and News
    Bat Banding
1963, September 15 Vol XIV No 07 Sea Anemones
    The Swain Reef Expedition
    Butterfly Migration
    Is There a Threat to the Survival of the Kangaroo?
    Notes and News
    The Museum Collections, A Basis for Research
1963, December 15 Vol XIV No 08 The Prehistory of the Australian Aborigines
    The Prehistory of the Tasmanian Aborigines
    Origin and Physical Differentiation of the Australian Aborigines
    Rock Engravings in Western New South Wales
    Aboriginal Relics in Victoria
    The Australian Aborigines: Their Present Position and Their Future
    The Australian Aborigines and the Giant Extinct Marsupials
    Pleistocene and Recent Climates of Australia
    Unique Aboriginal Stencil in Queensland
1964, March 15 Vol XIV No 09 The Auckland Islands Expedition
    The "Glory of the Seas"
    Australian Bandicoots
    Pair Association in the Banded Coral Shrimp
    Interesting Queensland Specimens
    Pre-Cambrian Fossils
    The Dancers of Aurukun
    Insects and Artificial Light
    Notes and News
1964, June 15 Vol XIV No 10 Birds of the Coral Sea Isles
    Queensland's Deadly "Sea Wasp", Photographed Alive
    Australian Plants in Cultivation
    Searching for Meteorites
    Sporing, of Sporing Creek
    The International Indian Ocean Expedition
    Territoriality in Rabbit Populations
    A Large Sawtail Surgeonfish
    The Funeral Rites of the Ngadju Dayaks of Central Borneo
    Lampreys in Australia
1964, September 15 Vol XIV No 11 Ayres Rock
    Preliminary Comments on the ball's Head Archaeological Excavation
    The Tasmanian Native Hen
    A Stinging by a Crown-of-Thornes Starfish
    National Parks in New South Wales
    Searching for Meteorites
    Tasmanian Devils
    The Ornamental Sea-Toad
    A Reptile-Collecting Expedition to New Guinea
1964, December 15 Vol XIV No 12 How to Make a Shell Collection
    Shells of the Great Barrier Reef
    Shore Molluscs of Southern Australia
    Retirement of Mr G P Whitley and Appointment of Dr F H Talbot as Curator of Fishes
    Land and Freshwater Shells of Australia
    Locomotion, Dispersal and Distribution of Gastropod Molluscs
    New Post for Curator of Anthropology
    Australian Sea-Slugs
    Venomous Cones
    The Golden Cowry

The Spawn of Some Australian Marine Prosobranch Molluscs

1965 - 1967 Vol XV  Contents
1965, March 15 Vol XV No 1 Notable Australian Ornamental Stones
    Australian leeches
    The role of posture in the social signals of birds
    Short-winged grasshopper
    Forest dragon lizard
    The emu and the Aborigines
    Notes and News
    Triassic rocks of the Sydney district
    Children and the Museum
1965, June 15 Vol XV No 2

Collecting in the Coral Sea

    Recognising Australian earthworms
    The whale shark in New South Wales
    The Macleay Museum at the University of Sydney
    Vocal communication in frogs
    The geology of Kosciusko
    New fruit-fly found in mangroves
    Atlantic salmon for New South Wales
    Book Reviews
1965, September 15 Vol XV No 3 Wombats
    The uses of shells by primitive man
    Spawning behaviour in the Queensland Lungfish, Neoceratodus forsteri
    Building stones of a great city
    White-winged Choughs
    Blistering from bristle-worm
    The behaviour of shore crabs
    John Lhotsky and the Australian Museum
1965, December 15 Vol XV No 4 The natural history of Australia's arid interior
    The desert areas of Australia
    Central Australian Mountains
    Landscapes of arid and semi-arid Australia
    Appointment of Dr. F. H. Talbot as Director of the Museum
    The nature and origin of modern deserts
    Ayers Rock
    Desert plants and their use
    Mammals in arid regions of Australia
    Desert birds
    Reptiles and frogs of Australia's arid regions
    Book Review
    Crustacea of the arid inland
1966, March 15 Vol XV No 5 The coelacanth, living relic of 50 million years ago
    Retirement of Dr J. W. Evans
    The Aquarium of Noumea
    Fossil footprints in Queensland
    Parasitism and the parasitic helminths
    Notes and News
    Sydney freshwater crayfish
    Insects of the desert
    Fishes of the family Galaxiidae
    Book Review
    The Phreatoicids
    Leech egg capsules
1966, June 15 Vol XV No 6 Unknown Australia
    Orchids of New South Wales
    Book Reviews
    Insects as food for the Australian Aborigines
    Moas and Man in New Zealand
    Desert snails
    The Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies
    Stag beetles
1966, September 15 Vol XV No 7 Sink or Swim - Some consequences of Buoyancy in Fish
    Porpoises and porpoise hunting in Malaita
    Expedition to Karkar Island
    Metamorphosis of a cicada
    Art of the Telefolmin Area, New Guinea
    The language of the Eastern Rosella
    The natural history of the "Cane Toad" in Queensland
1966, December 15 Vol XV No 8 Introduction to the Great Barrier Reef
    Some striking inhabitants of the reef
    Seaweeds sparse but interesting
    Geological questions posed by the reef
    The Giant Clams
    The Crown of Thornes Starfish as a destroyer of coral
    Turtle biology at heron Island
    Parrot Fish
    The future of the reef
1967, March 15 Vol XV No 9 The story of the Roth Ethnographic Collection
    The shore reefs of Darwin
    Water - and our thirsty earth
    Venomous sea urchin in Sydney Harbour
    Australian Seals
    Ring-tailed Possums
    Large Alpine Stonefly
    Author's comment on Book Review
    Webworm, insect pest of the wheatlands
    The Tasmanian Museum
1967, June 15 Vol XV No 10 Hermit Crabs
    Lesser known Echinoderms of the Great Barrier Reef
    "The Great Barrier Reef Committee - Its work and achievements, 1922-66"
    Book Review
    Retirement of Mr H O Fletcher
    Rare carvings from the Sepik River, New Guinea
    The biology of tadpoles
    Mosquitoes in Australia's Arid Zone
1967, September 15 Vol XV No 11 The Portuguese Man-of-War or bluebottle
    Expedition to One Tree island
    The Noisy Scrub-bird
    Fluorescent coral from Sydney Harbour
    Volatile plant oils in Australia
    The Tektite Problem
    Middens and Man in Tasmania
    Parasitic flowering plants
    Book review
1967, December Vol XV No 12 The challenge of island faunas
    Colonization by Animals
    Islands and seamounts to the east of Australia
    Islands as natural laboratories
    Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands
    The Bass Strait islands
    Kangaroo Island and its vertebrate land fauna
    Houtman's Abrolhos
    Island clues to aboriginal prehistory
    The conservation of animals and plants
    Book Reviews
1968 - 1970 Vol XVI  Contents
1968, March Vol XVI No 1 The Turrid Shelfish of Australian Seas
    Head-hunters in the Western District, Papua
    Argentine Ants
    Venomous Ringed Octapus
    Mangroves and their fauna
    The Mud-lobster
    Book Review
    Venomous Starfish in Sydney Harbour
    Experiments on the effects of radiation on ants
    The Ross and other Antarctic Seals
1968, June Vol XVI No 2 Australian Dragonflies
    The Sea-lions of Dangerous Reef
    Fishes beneath Antarctic ice
    Distribution and adaptive diversity of Trapdoor Spiders
    The Little Bent-winged Bat - Evolution in Progress
    Ecological aspects of Serpulid Fouling
    Book Reviews
1968, September Vol XVI No 3 Some aspects of recent Australian mineral development
    Fishes of the Oceanic Midwaters
    Pottery making in Orlan village, Portuguese Timor
    Studies of prehistory in the New Guinea Highlands
    Bushfires and their effect on fauna and flora
    Books on the Sub-Antarctic and Barrier Reef Reviewed.
    The Computer and the Tropical Forest
1968, December Vol XVI No 4 Antarctica, Nature's unique scientific laboratory
    Mineral Resources and Geology
    Meteorite Discoveries
    Plant Life
    Coastal Fishes
    Insects and their relatives
    Book Review
    Benthic Invertebrates
    Life in Primeval Times
1969, March Vol XVI No 5 Conserving the Southwest Tasmanian Wilderness
    The Reef Heron
    Book Review
    The Australasian Subantarctic Islands (Part 1 )
    Some Introduced Land Molluscs
    The Prehistory of the Hunter River Valley
    The Deceptive Simplicity of Nematodes
    Meet our contributors
1969, June Vol XVI No 6 How dangerous is the Moray Eel?
    The Australian Bird-Banding Scheme
    The Talgai Cranium: The Value of Archives
    Book Reviews
    The Australian Subantarctic Islands (Part 2 )
    Social Behaviour and its Evolution
    Minute Mollusca
    Meet our Contributors
1969, September Vol XVI No 7 The Wedge-tailed Eagle
    Above the Tree Line
    Ancient Fish of Australia
    Fire-stick Farming
    Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Central Papua
    Antarctic Sea Star
    Book Reviews
    Meet our Contributors
1969, December Vol XVI No 8 Captain James Cook, a Portrait
    Captain Cook's Role in Natural History
    The "Endeavour's" Naturalists in Australia
    The First Botanical Studies in Australia
    Captain Cook and the Australian Aborigine
    Captain Cook's Australian Landmarks
    Eastern Australian Bird Recorded on the "Endeavour's" Voyage
    Australian Mammals since 1770
    A "Paradise Lost" - The Kurnell Peninsula since 1770
    The Recovery of the "Endeavour's" Cannons
    Book Reviews
    Meet Our Contributors
1970, March Vol XVI No 9 Can we appreciate Aboriginal music
    Museum's Musical Instruments on Papua and New Guinea Stamps
    Farming the Sea
    The Cabbage White Butterfly
    Australian Crabs
    Collecting Reptiles and Amphibians in New Guinea
    The Production of Horizontal High-Tidal Shore Platforms
    Book Reviews
    Meet our Contributors
1970, June Vol XVI No 10 The Future of Wildlife in Australia
    Pond Life in Australia
    The Bushfly
    The Devonian "Great Barrier Reef" of Western Australia
    Prehistoric Papuan Engraving
    Moth Eggs!
    Book Reviews
    Meet our Contributors
1970, September Vol XVI No 11 Budgerigars
    Nickle Occurrences in Australia
    Behaviour of the Humbug Fish
    The use of Echo-location by Bats
    Darwin's Journey in N.S.W.
    The Black Swan
    Circadian Rhythms
    Book Reviews
    Meet our Contributors
1970, December Vol XVI No 12 Modern Man and His Environmental Crisis
    Human Ecology: What does it mean?
    Man and a Vulnerable Earth: The Need for Ecological Sense
    Modern Man and Nature Conservation
    Pollution in Australian Waters
    Oil Pollution
    The Urban Environment
    Town Planning, A modern need for modern man
    Overcrowding: A Human Problem
    Modern Man and Disease
    Lassa Fever
    Aboriginal Man in European Australia
    Naturalist Replies to Book Review
    Book Reviews
    Meet our contributors
1971 - 1973 Vol XVII  Contents
1971, March Vol XVII No 1 Fruit Flies
    Premier congratulates magazine
    "Glory of the Seas" Cone Shell
    Thylacoleo, Marsupial lion or Marsupial Sloth?
    Museum's Expedition to Papua-New Guinea
    Underwater studies on the Port Jackson Shark
    Australian Palms
    Biogeochemical Cycles and Man
    Meet our Contributors
    Book Reviews
1971, June Vol XVII No 2 Frontispiece - The Grey Grass-Wren (Amytornis barbatus)
    The Myall Lakes, Now and Tomorrow
    The National Photographic Index of Australian Birds
    The Sydney Rock Oyster
    Magpie harasses snake: a study in bird behaviour
    Obituary: Keith Hindwood
    Carnivorous Snails of the family Paryphantidae
    New view on mystery engraving
    Sharks, aeroplanes and evolution
    Book Reviews
    Meet Our Contributors
1971, September Vol XVII No 3 Fossil fish discoveries in Antarctica
    The Myall Lakes: Tomorrow
    Lament for Botany Bay
    Our Air
    Scale Insects
    Meet our Contributors
    Book Reviews
1971, December Vol XVII No 4 Australian Commercial Fisheries
    Fishing for Sport
    Mineral Resources of the Continental Shelves
    Small Submarine aids Research
    Petroleum beneath the Sea Floor
    Giant Pyrosoma seen in New Zealand Seas
    Sea Birds
    The Box-jellies or Sea-wasps
    The East Australian Current
    Australian Marine Insects
    Australian Shipworms
    The Decline of the Dugong
    Meet our Contributors
    Book Reviews
1972, March Vol XVII No 5 Australian Crocodiles
    Rains of Fishes in Australia
    Queensland Trace Fossils pose a 230 million years old problem
    Persistent Sea-foam Masses - a problem solved
    The Complexities of Simple Animals
    Mangroves on the Australian coast
    Sea Urchin that carries its young
    A guide to the Ascoglossa or sap-sucking sea-slugs of Australia
    Meet our Contributors
    Book Reviews
1972, June Vol XVII No 6 New diving technology for marine scientists
    Bird hazards to aircraft
    Recent discoveries of Fossil Man in Australia
    An introduction to Polychaetes
    Endemic Tasmanian land snails
    Evolution, structure and behaviour in the Ascidians
    South American Fossil Reptiles as evidence of Gondwanaland
    Book Reviews
    Meet our Contributors
1972, September Vol XVII No 7 Australia's Banksias
    Terrigal Itch, a coastal waters dermatitis
    The Life of the Echidna
    The Shovel Nosed Lobsters of Australia
    Behavioural Ecology of the "Cleaning Fish"
    The Galaxies
    Book Reviews
    Meet our Contributors
1972, December Vol XVII No 8 An Introduction to Continental Drift
    Australia and Gondwanaland
    The Face of the Earth
    Plate Tectonics: A dynamic approach to modern geological theory
    Zoogeography of Fossil and Living Turtles
    Permian Molluscs and Continental Drift
    Insects and Continental Drift
    Triassic Amphibians and Reptiles of Australia in relation to Gondwanaland
    Book Reviews
    Meet our Contributors
1973, March Vol XVII No 9 Meteorite shower leads to important discovery
    "Eat, Die, and Learn"- the Botany of the Australian Aborigines
    Australian Soils
    The Serology of Mammals
    Man and Flora in Papua New Guinea
    Reptiles and Amphibians of Coburg Peninsula
    Book Reviews
    Meet our Contributors
1973, June Vol XVII No 10 The fossil lake-fauna of Koonwarra, Victoria
    More rice and less fish-some problems of the "Green Revolution"
    Recent archaeology of Flinders Island
    Lapita pottery and the origins of Polynesian culture
    Interspecific relationships among fossil species
    Large freshwater leech
    Book Reviews
    Meet our contributors
1973, September Vol XVII No 11 The diprotodons of Lake Callabonna
    The rational use of natural resources
    Rats as animals
    Naturalist's unique osprey photo
    Aboriginal waterholes in the Cobar area
    3,000 years of trade in New Guinea obsidian
    Sound production in cicadas
    Book Reviews
    Meet our Contributors
1973, December Vol XVII No 12 Foreword
    The physical geography of Papua New Guinea
    The geological evolution of Papua New Guinea
    Mineral resources
    The vegetation of the lowlands
    Highlands Vegetation
    Land mammal fauna
    Remarkable bird life
    Reptiles and amphibians
    Insects of New Guinea
1974 -   1976 Vol XVIII  Contents
1974, March Vol XVIII No 1 Australian Carnivorous Plants
    With a Thousand Sea Lions on the Auckland Islands
    How Many Australians?
    Australian's Rainforest Pigeons
    Salt-Making Amoung the Baruya People of Papua New Guinea
    The Case for a Bush Garden
    "From Greenlands Icy Mountains"
1974, June Vol XVIII No 2 From First Fleet to El Torito
    Defunct Volcanos and Extinct Horned Turtles
    A Tropical Outpost in the South Pacific
    Vegetation and Environment
    Island Invertebrates
    Colonisation and Extinction: the Birds of Lord Howe Island
    Of Sketches Skins and Skeletons
    Exploitation vs Conservation
1974, September Vol XVIII No 3 Tuning in to crocodiles
    Stolen songs and other sounds
    Aboriginal rock paintings considerations for their future. [A special supplement September 1974]
    Chance encounter on a rubber reef
    Locust plagues and plague locusts
    In Review. Focus on Aboriginal Arts
1974, December Vol XVIII No 4 Controlling the sheep blowfly
    Inside the Life Unit
    Down under Australia
    Voyage of the Banded Iguana
    In Review. Images from Australian Seas
1975, March Vol XVIII No 5 A grand natural experiment. The Nadgee wildfire.
    Emergence of the Pygmy Antechinus
    Pots and potters in Papua New Guinea
    Searching the Southern Sky
    The riddle of Peripatus
    In Review: The Fight for the Forests
1975, June Vol XVIII No 6 Lime, Limestone and the First Caves
    Climbing and Crawling through Subterranea
    Mineral Decorations. Natures Cave Art
    The Formation and Development of Australian Caves
    Reconstructing the Past. Excavations in Fossil Caves
    Speleochronology: the Story it Tells
    Caves and Aboriginal Man
    Ecosystems Underground
    The Heavy Hand of Modern Man
1975, September Vol XVIII No 7 Letters
    Once upon a Time they Lived Happily Ever After
    Mining in Australia four viewpoints. [A special supplement September 1975]
    The Industry
    The Aborigines
    The Government
    The Conservationists
    A Bird of Good Omen
    In Review. A Gallery of Avian Art
1975, December Vol XVIII No 8 Anemonefishes and their Amazing Partnership
    Slit Drums and the Hunggwe of Eastern Aoba
    "A Seventeenth Century Time Machine Part 1: Excavating the Wreck of the Batavia Part 2: Conserving the Wreck and the Relics"
    The Warrumbungle Mountains. A personal Experience
    The World of the Rock Lobster
    In Review. Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia
1976, March Vol XVIII No 9 Snails without Shells
    The Rediscovery of Lufi
    Disguise, Defense and Aggression
    The Wayang World of the Balinese
    Birds from Australia's Past
    In Review. In General and In Particular
1976, June Vol XVIII No 10 Gondwana Genesis
    The Shaky Isles
    From Hawaiki to Te-Ika-a-Maui
    Forest in Isolation
    Archaic Elements and a Host of Immigrants
    In the Flightless tradition
    An Imported Fauna
    A Haphazard Insect Assemblage
    Islands, Oceans and Marine Life Patterns
1976, September Vol XVIII No 11 Editorial. Touch the Earth
    Probing Ponerine Ants
    Of Time and Deeds and Empty Cities. A Special Supplement
    The Gods of Urban Man
    The Ecologist's View
    The Unwritten Compact
    The Hidden World of Mbotgo't
    In Review. Life Out West
1976, December Vol XVIII No 12 A Satellite View of Australia
    A Most Successful Invasion. The Diversity of Australia's Skinks
    Botanaviti. The Elusive Fijian Frogs
    The Spectacular Sea Anemone
    People, Pigs and Punishment
    In Review. Australian Birds and Other Animals
1977 - 1979 Vol XIX  Contents
1977, January - March  Vol XIX No 1 The Red Junglefowl Gallus gallus
    From the jungle to the farm
    Pharmacopeia nova an undersea search
    Life among the ashes
    Survival in an arid land
    Tracing patterns of insect flight
    In Review. Scientific Exploration: Historical and Recent
1977, April-June Vol XIX No 2 Terra Australis incognita
    Voyages of discovery
    Investigating the interior
    The gentleman scientist
    Early geology: studies and sermons
    Inhabiting the Great South Land
    A rich and unfamiliar flora
    Changing the face of a continent
    Reflections in literature
1977, July-September Vol XIX No 3 The outfall connection: the plight of our coastal trees
    Those bumps in the ground
    Opportunists in hiding
    A candid look at crystals
    Fanged but friendly: Darwin's Colubrid snakes
    In Review Three Approaches
1977, October-December Vol XIX No 4 Sirens of Tropical Australia
    A cloistered canopy of tangled green
    Listen to the Dreaming: the Aboriginal homelands movement
    Man's forgotten cousins: the lemurs of Madagascar
    A case of a comeback: the Cape Barren Goose
1978, January-March Vol XIX No 5 They follow their noses
    A Tasmanian Triassic stream community
    Bizarre Opisthobranch defences
    The quiddity of Tiger Quolls
    Fishes in seagrass communities
    Weaving with nature
1978, April-June Vol XIX No 6 Exploring a hazardous passage
    Water, wind and changing landscapes
    The floral patchwork
    A natural laboratory
    Rich and diverse marine communities
    Toward dispelling a myth
    Gardening and gathering
    A tombstone opening
    These are my islands
1978, July-September Vol XIX No 7 The early mystery of Norfolk Island
    Inside the sophisticated sea squirt
    Silk, spinnerets and snares
    Exploring Macquarie Island Part 1: Southern wildlife outpost
    Exploring Macquarie Island Part 2: Sub Antarctic refuge
    A microcosm of diversity
1978 October-December Vol XIX No 8 Pompeii: House of the Coloured Capitals
    Serpents of Australian seas
    Exploring soft bottoms in Antarctica
    To spy on a desert skink
    In Review. The ape within us
1979 January-March Vol XIX No 9 Tracking dinosaurs the Winton excavation
    Cosmetics from trees an underrated trade in Papua New Guinea
    Flying catchers
    Yolngu communicating in paint
    Rebuilding a giant
    In Review. Endangered animals updated
1979 April-June Vol XIX No 10 One hundred years - Royal National Park
    Irian Jaya origins
    Domesticating Jojoba
    Brush-tailed possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)
    JADE - the majestic mineral
    The disappearing craft of Santa Cruz
    In Review
1979 Vol XIX No 11 Introduction
    Fossil fuels
    Solar energy
    Energy conservation
    The city of Sydney by night
    Hydrogen energy
    Wind energy
    Biological sources of energy
    Geothermal energy
    Nuclear energy
1979 Vol XIX No 12 Australia's own pines
    Bird history - the first one hundred million years
    Stallions of the sea
    CENTREFOLD: Fat-tailed dunnarts, Sminthopsis crassicaudata
    Sea monster in opal - or the one that got away?
    Lost treasures of the Garden Palace
    In Review. International Trade in Wilderness
1980 - 1982 Vol XX  Contents
1980 Vol XX No 1 Love Temples of the Bowerbirds
    Mystery in the Museum History
    Lizard Island: Jewel in the Sun
    Camera on Expedition
    Centrefold No. 4 The Cup Moths
    Secrets of Insect Survival
    Whitley Book Awards
    In Review
1980 Vol XX No 2 A vigorous and agreeable people
    Tasman and a Dutch discovery
    The Islands of Bass Strait
    A Tale of Two Continents
    Geological Construction of Tasmania An Illustrated Summary in Colour
    Life where waters meet
    Garden in Isolation
    The Thylacine - an unsolved case
    Shrimps in high places
    In Reviews
1980 Vol XX No 3 Stuffed with Life
    Diamond, Carbon's Cinderella
    The Waterlogged Forest
    Nankeen Night Heron, Nycticorax caledonicus
    Birds in my garden
    Midwife to a Seastar
    In Review
1980 Vol XX No 4 Nature's flower gardens
    A Pompeian house revisited
    Centrefold no. 7 Koala, Phascolarctos cinereus
    Butterflies and Evolution
    Fossil Squids and past geography
    In Review
    Higher Fungi in Focus
1981 Vol XX No 5 The Talk is all Turtles'
    Second Annual Whitley Awards
    In Review
    Zeolites - a versatile mineral
    Centrefold No. 8 Purple Queenfish Anthias tuka
    Cuttlefish of Sydney Harbour
    Venomous Australians
    X-rays in focus
1981 Vol XX No 6 Pageantry in the Skies
    Amazing Orchids of Southern Australia
    Mammals for All Seasons
    Centrefold No 9 Common Bent-wing Bat, Miniopterus schreibersii
    A Look at the Dingo
    Dinosaur Digging in Victoria
    In Review
    Good Things Grow in Glass
    Mammals in Focus
1981 Vol XX No 7 Man's impact on Native Vegetation
    Caught in the Drift
    Leave it to the Birds and Bees
    Unusual - but Not Unique
    Our Phoenix Flora
    Fish Beds Reveal Lush Fossil Forest
    Climate and Australian Flora
    Proteaceae in Focus
1981 Vol XX No 8 Woodchips or Wildlife
    Terania Creek - Under Threat
    Weather, Gum Blossom, Lerps . . . And forest Birds
    Centrefold No 10 Western Barred Bandicoot, Perameles bougainville
    Here's smog in Your Eye'
    Getting to Know Funnel Web Spiders
    In Review
    Aboriginal Australia
    Aborigines in Focus
1982 Vol XX No 9 Wombats - Amiable Native Lawnmowers
    Searching the Southern Skies
    Noisy Miners - the Girls Have it Made
    Centrefold No 11 Parma Wallaby, Macropus parma
    A Look at the Freshwater Crocodile
    The World of the Abelam Unites - Gardens, Gods and Body Language
    In Review
    Infra-red Photography in Focus
1982 Vol XX No 10 Pinus radiata - a Million Hectare Miscalculation?
    A Glimpse through the Eye of the AAT
    How Toxic 1080 Selects its Targets
    Timely Reappearance of a Rare Rat
    Centrefold No 12 Kultarr, Antechinomys laniger
    The Numbat - an Endangered Specialist
    Tomatoes, Tobacco & Intoxicant Weeds
    In Review
    Huxley Portraits in Focus
1982 Vol XX No 11 Darwin, Darwinians and Darwinism
    Monkeying with the Theory of Evolution
    A Lion in Possum's Clothing
    Revealing the secrets of Life's History
    Evolution and the Ability to Learn
    Genetics Comes to Darwin's Aid
    How Our Flora Developed
1982 Vol XX No 12 Streamlined Scavengers of our East Coast Waters
    Shark Attack - Fact vs Fiction
    It's an Ill wind that Blows in the Tropics
    Whispers , Screeches, Gurgles, Screams . . . Possums of Australia Part 1 - The South
    The Private Life of Treecreepers
    Red Backs - What Every Outhouse Needs
    In Review
    Summertime is Cicada Time
    The Toad that doesn't Toe the Line
1983 - 1986 Vol XXI  Contents
1983 Vol XXI No 1 Drought
    Forum 'Scientific Creationism' - An unnatural history of gobbledegook
    "Come from nowhere then just disappear"
    A very rare Australian the Western Swamp Tortoise
    If it doesn't sting, it itches
    Centrefold 1 Southern Elephant Seal Mirounga leonina
    Death of the Murray
    In Review
    Natural pollution monitors
    Charming ambassadors of our northern forests: Possums of Australia Part 2 - the North
1983 Vol XXI No 2 From the inside - editorial
    Whales: whale stranding - accident or design?
    Giant travellers of the ocean depths
    Soaked in sound: ethereal songs of moans, clicks and whistles
    Centrefold 2: Orca, the Killer Whale Orcinus orca
    False Killer Whale
    More brains than brawn?
    Prehistoric animals of Australia
    Muttaburrasaurus - beaked dinosaur
    Marsupial lion
    Allosaurus - killer extraordinaire
    Forum: Two Ways of Interpreting Nature
    Kookaburras - everyone's favourite birds
    Australia's lonely atolls
    Sydney bats on the wing
1983 Vol XXI No 3 From the inside - editorial
    Australia's prehistory uncovered
    Forum: Towards a new national consciousness
    The Gordon flows free
    Magpies... ...or Currawongs?
    Centrefold 3: Frilled Lizard Chlamydorsaurus kingii
    Frill-neck's spiky cousin - the Bearded Dragon
    The Chimbu Expedition: New Guinea - February 1933
    Tasmanian Devils - Australia's ugliest marsupials
    House guests which eat and run
1983 Vol XXI No 4 From the inside
    Roo harvesting: are kangaroos really under threat?
    The harvesting process
    On the hop
    Mantids: killers in disguise
    Simmering in the Simpson
    Centrefold 4: Hercules Moth Coscinocera hercules
    Moths in the Movies
    Malleefowl: A remarkable bird with an uncertain future
    Forum: The 'conservation ethic' in practice
    Keeping the options open: the forestry ethic in practice in Eden
    Trees as habitats
    Forest Wildlife
    Black Snake Bridges
    The not so demonic 'Devilfish'
    There's no arguing with a blue-tongue
Winter 1984 Vol XXI No 5 Letters: More than just meat, skins and profit
    Letters: Conservationist views distorted
    Letters: [Grigg's Response]
    Discovery of new rainforest bird species Eungella honeyeater
    Tasmanian tiger sighting casts marsupial in new light
    Raine Island: a foul hen roost
    Raine Island: Green turtle rookery of World Significance
    Exploring ... the Great Barrier Reef
    Boosting fish numbers with artificial reefs
    Centrefold 5: Clownfish
    Forum: Is the Crown-of-Thorns ravaging the Reef?
    Fish populations threatened by inadequate quarantine laws
    Marine reserves: Conservation or Recreation?
    Mating behaviour of Fiddler Crabs
    The sex changing coral reef fish
    The depths of Port Davey: Isolated SW Tasmania displays hostility and beauty
    There's a frog in my mouth
    Desert Pool Dwellers
    Beach invaders: sea rockets and beach daisies thrive
Spring 1984 Vol XXI No 6 Daintree: on the Road to Ruin
    The Platypus: a different mammal
    Densey Clyne looks at The spider that swings to the beat of wings
    Birds of the Tropical Rainforest
    The Taylor Leahy Patrol A retracing of the first Mt Hagan patrol
    Eastern Pygmy-possum
    Forum: Dr Bob Brown: Daintree Rainforest
    Baby dolphin weaned by humans World first for Coffs Harbour
    Photoart: Ed Douglas interprets the Australian landscape
    Giant Clams- a valuable Marine Resource
    Rare & Endangered: Saved from extinction: Lord Howe Island Woodhen
    Tiger Snakes of Chappell Island
    Letters: Doubts on thylacine
    Letters: Federal Government kangaroo view

Summer 1984-85

Vol XXI No 7 Kakadu National Park: Tourism and the Future
    Rare & Endangered: Numbats: Digging in for a last stand
    Photoart: selections from The Antipodean Suite, Fiona Hall
    Vampirism: Fact or Fiction
    Shark netting: a costly security blanket
    Forum: Balmain Basket-weavers and the Volvo Set versus Toorak Tunnel Vision
    Buff-breasted Paradise-kingfisher Poster
    Letters Importing Aquatic Organisms
    Mangroves, People & Factories: Sydney's Bicentennial Park 1988
    Australian Dinosaurs
    Densey Clyne looks at ... and is itching to tell you about Processionary Caterpillars
    Gould's Long-eared Bat: the cute or the ugly?
    Living Monuments: Aboriginal carved trees of New South Wales
    Going in to bat for Queensland flying-foxes
    The White-faced Heron: the supreme generalist of Australia's herons
Autumn 1985 Vol XXI No 8 Koala disease breakthrough: Vaccine to be tested this year
    Densey Clyne looks at…Lizards with contact lenses and windscreen wipers
    Australian Aborigines today: A photographic essay
    Locusts: The Plague of'84
    Spineless but not speechless: a Selection of Invertebrate Sound
    Forum: Animal-based Research Can it be justified?
    Poster Aboriginal dancers, Arnhem land
    Robyn Williams: Give me the facts
    Letters: Population explosion
    Letters: Electronic scarecrows
    Letters: Natural History?
    Why Worms?
    Rare and Endangered:The Leathery Turtle
    Common Scents of the Bush
    Photoart: South Australian Landscapes
    South Australian Mound Springs: relict faunas in the desert
    The Hawkesbury: Natural History of an Estuary
Winter 1985 Vol XXI No 9 Rapacious raptors
    "... she shall have murids wherever she goes" Rat catching in Papua New Guinea
    The sweet-tooth invader: European wasp spreads at alarming rate
    Bulldog Ants: Beware their painful stings and powerful bites
    Rare & Endangered: The Black-striped Snake
    Robyn Williams: The Gullibility Factor - Sheldrake's Morphogenetic Field
    Forum: Whitehouse: Image update for National Parks?
    Letters: Koala disease - significance misinterpreted
    Spider Fishing in the Snowy Mountains
    The Cassowary at his Nest: A Photographic First
    To be or not to be? A cassowary or a bird?
    Reconstructing Australia's Oldest Mammal
    Opal fossils: Flashes from Lightning Ridge
    Photoart: The urban tree [With photographs by Ingoborg Tyssen]
    Densey Clyne looks at.....A spider that's got the drop on insects
    The Hawkesbury: A river under threat
Spring 1985 Vol XXI No 10 Mushrooms Poisonous, Edible, Hallucinogenic
    Rare and Endangered The World's Largest Butterfly
    Densey Clyne looks at . . . Dragons with Cloaks and Beards
    Bungle Bungle or Purnululu
    Feathered Minstrels of the Australian Bush
    Forum - Losing Our Way
    Letters - Killer Cassowary
    Letters - Damage to Mound springs
    Poster - The Longicorn Beetle
    Robyn Williams - Sir Alister Hardy: Water Babies and the Search for God
    Photoart - Natural History
    Sulawesi - Special Report
    Nudging the limits 'neath the Nullarbor
    Sand-bubblers - Crabs that breathe with their Legs (but of course!)
    Upside-down Flies
Summer 1985-86 Vol XXI No 11 Saltwater crocodile conservation in the Northern Territory
    Plant tissue culture a fast-growing science
    Australian wild foods
    Moth-hunting in the Australian Alps
    Letters: Cassowary sour
    Letters: Wasp stings
    Letters: ANTipathy
    Letters: Human nature?
    Photoart: An Interest that became an Art
    Poster: The Red-eyed Green Tree Frog Litoria chloris
    Rare & endangered: The Orange-bellied Parrot
    Forum: Downey Creek: The great logging dispute
    Quips, quotes & curios: Naturalists - a definition
    Quips, quotes & curios: Stop Press! 'Burnt'-orange-bellied Parrot
    Quips, quotes & curios: Electricity bill
    Quips, quotes & curios: A postage problem
    Quips, quotes & curios: Gould League's 75th anniversary
    Quips, quotes & curios: Pre-Linnaean nomenclature
    Quips, quotes & curios: Trees of the Future
    Quips, Quotes & curios: Huge fossil find
    Quips, quotes & curios: Battery rabbits?
    Quips, quotes & curios: Tried & true?
    Sir Macfarlane Burnet ... a giant in medical research, inspired by natural history
    Snorkels and aqualungs: accessories for life under water
    Densey Clyne looks at ..... Sawfly skills and strategies
    The Australian desert crab: a side-walk to the conventio+L232:L234nal crustacean
    Terracotta icons of the Mewar Region - Its people and their beliefs
    Moray eels: Dangerous or docile?
Autumn 1986 Vol XXI No 12 Halley's comet cometh
    Australian wild foods
    Eyes: functions, facts and fallacies
    Densey Clyne looks at ..... Slugs of colour and character
    Letters: Attitude born of guilt
    Letters: Crocodile capers
    Letters: Once bitten ...
    Photoart: Kathie Atkinson
    Poster: Sugar Glider
    Rare & endangered: World's only strictly marine sea cow threatened
    Quips, quotes & curios: Baby kangaroos and human disease
    Quips, quotes & curios: Australia's oldest mammal
    Quips, quotes & curios: Legless birds of paradise
    Quips, quotes & curios: Frank Buckland - 19th century naturalist and zoophagist
    Quips, quotes & curios: Bridal beds
    Quips, quotes & curios: Meteorite impacts on humans
    Enlightenment vs Luna Park: A new kind of museum gallery
    Crocodile tears: Salt glands and the evolution of crocodiles
    The Tanami Desert: research on Aboriginal land
    Forum: Animal rights - a conservation dilemma
    Doing the bird ... Dance routines in the Papua New Guinea Highlands
1986 - 1989 Vol XXII  Contents
Winter 1986 Vol XXII No 1 Editorial
    Nudibranchs: Nature's thieves
    The Emperor's New Clothes
    The Pinnacles Desert: a geological masterpiece
    Forum: Plant variety rights: a question for Australia
    Letters: A Question of Lerps
    Letters: The Emu and the Mango
    Letters: 'Wondering' in morphogenetic fields
    Quips, quotes & curios: Owen - Dedicated Naturalist
    Quips, quotes & curios: Paterson's Curse
    Quips, quotes & curios: The Chicken and the Pearl
    Densey Clyne looks at ..... Life on an outback sand dune
    The Eastern Snake-necked Turtle
    Poster: Boyd's Forest Dragon
    Taronga Park Zoo's Pathology Register
    The Punctuated Evolutionist - Stephen Jay Gould
    Rare & Endangered: Return of the Phantom Dibbler
    Australian Wild Foods: Riches from the Rainforest
    Photoart: Otto Rogge
    Eungella: the Land of Cloud
    Dangerous, Poisonous and Deadly: First Aid every Australian should know
Spring 1986 Vol XXII No 2 Raspberries, Blackberries & the Cultural Cringe
    From the journal of Vincent Serventy
    Photoart: Feathers in perspective
    Australian Wild Foods: Edible eyesores
    Dung beetles
    Letters: Pickled hearts
    Letters: Conservation vs animal rights
    Letters: Obsessed with death and os
    Invasion north: Successful conquest by the cane toad
    Poster: A Cuttlefish (Sepia sp), seeing and deceiving
    Confessions of a Taxidermist
    The myth of Evolutionary Progress
    The Riddance of Rut
    Rare & Endangered: Pedra Branca Skink
    Quips, quotes & curios: Garlic and the black speckled doll
    Quips, quotes & curios: Caffeine - a natural insecticide
    Quips, quotes & curios: First the pill, now the bullet
    Quips, quotes & curios: Rare as hen's teeth
    Aurora Australis
    Reefs: Accidental and Artificial
Summer 1986-87 Vol XXII No 3 Antarctica's frozen past
    Iced with life
    Understanding ice dynamics
    Floating giants
    Formulating the future
    Letters: Blazing snail trails
    Quips, quotes & curios: Who said sharks were 'armless?
    Quips, quotes & curios: An ode to statistics
    Quips, quotes & curios: Beagle business
    Quips, quotes & curios: Pink Dolphin: an amazing animal of the Amazon
    Poster: Lesser Long-eared Bat Nyctophilus geoffroyi
    Rare & Endangered: Norfolk Island Green Parrot
    Australian Wild Foods: Wonderful weeds
    Forum: Dolphins in captivity
    Worrying about Creation 'Science'
    Photoart: Diamondscapes: Photography by Bill Sechos and Ruby Weber
    From the Journal of Vincent Serventy: Birds of the Reef: Noddy does a Good Tern
    More to the Mantis than meets the eye
    Who gives a fig?
Autumn 1987 Vol XXII No 4 The great Somersby Fossil Fish Dig
    In the Red
    Photoart: Behind the mask Photography by Ric Bolzan
    From the journal of Vincent Serventy: Kangaroo Island
    Creationism: No place in the science class
    World Safari
    Quips, quotes & curios: The Archaeopteryx Controversy
    Quips, quotes & curios: A teatillating titbit
    Poster: Red and green Kangaroo Paw Anigozanthos manglesii
    Australian Wild Foods: When is a Berry?
    Forum: Cannibalism: why not?
    Letters: Gorilla warfare?: Wartime carrots
    Letters: Gorilla warfare?: Gorgeous George!
    The Blue Connection: Butterflies, ants and mangroves
    Rare & Endangered: Eastern Australian Underground Orchid
    Cures from the canopy
    A bird in the bush ... the Noisy Scrub-bird story
Winter 1987 Vol XXII No 5 The Scott Sisters: Art treasures of the 19th century revealed
    Palm Cockatoos: Drumming to a different beat
    Australian Wild Foods: Ground orchids - Salute to saloop
    Forum: Kangaroo harvesting: a new approach
    Rare & Endangered: Classifying Australia's threatened fishes
    Solomon's Volcanoes: Life on the verge
    Is Australia volcanically dead?
    Quips, Quotes & Curios: Lover's darts
    Quips, Quotes & Curios: Alias emu
    Quips, Quotes & Curios: Animal airstrikes
    From the journal of Vincent Serventy: The Enchanted Isles
    Camels: Humpbacks of the desert
    Letters: Creationist cancels [includes reply by Robyn Williams]
    Letters: Applause for Archer
    Letters: More on toads
    Letters: Economic (not cultural) cringe
    What's natural about Natural History?
    Poster: Moths on their native food plants: Painting by Helena Scott, c 1860
    The Pig-nosed Turtle Warradjan
    Photoart: Outback sentinels Marianne Porteners
    Bryophytes: Exquisite miniatures of the plant world
Spring 1987 Vol XXII No 6 Letters: Rubber doubt
    Letters: Trial by media
    Letters: Another man's poison
    Letters: Spawn stinks
    Journey to the Stars
    Dinkum or decoy? The dilemma of a Flower Wasp
    Cockatoos: Pests nor pets
    Pituri: Tracing the trade routes of an indigenous intoxicant
    Australian Wild Foods: Succulents for supper
    Snorkel sense
    Poster: Green Python
    Portland's chance encounter with a Pygmy Right Whale
    Quips, quotes & curios: A not so sticky problem
    Quips, quote & curios: Transgenic animals
    Quips, quotes & curios: Shark and Sole
    Rare & Endangered: Philip Island Hibiscus
    Photoart: Influenza crystals
    From the journal of Vincent Serventy: The Abrolhos Islands
    The Kestrel: Australia's smallest falcon
Summer 1987-88 Vol XXII No 7 Letters: The dolphin dilemma
    Letters: East more ('roo) meat!
    Letters: Snail mail
    Letters: Tribute to Wandjuk Marika, OBE
    Letters: Not a case for confusion
    Foods of the First Fleet
    Fire-birds of the Top End
    A spine-bending story
    The nurseryman's role in greening Australia
    Photoart: Colourful crustaceans
    Our greatest mistake?
    Poster: Lemuroid Ringtail Possum
    Quips, quotes & curios: Industrial melanism: Not a black and white case
    Quips, quotes & curios: A right balls up?
    Rare & Endangered: Giant Gippsland Earthworm
    In Praise of Mud
    Australian Wild Foods: The Language of Fruits
    From the journal of Vincent Serventy: A Tall Story
    Australian Ammonites
Autumn 1988 Vol XXII No 8 Letters: A diver's dilemma*
    Letters: Mangrove madness
    Letters: Pigface
    Letters: Good on you, Gordon
    Australia's Most Southerly Light
    Australian Wild Foods: Making mistakes
    To catch a 'falling star'
    Rare & Endangered: Matchstick Banksia
    Quips, quotes & curios: Alice, the Dodo and the Tambalacoque Tree
    A Soviet Encounter
    Poster: Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko
    Invading Ornamentals
    Forum: Who should pay for Australia's past?
    Photoart: Lunacy
    From the Journal of Vincent Severenty: With TAMS at Kakadu
    Night stalker! The remarkable Barn Owl
    Inside the (secret) societies of native bees
Winter 1988 Vol XXII No 9 Letters: A cautionary tale
    Letters: Does this ring a bell?
    Letters: Giant earthworms
    Letters: Good science
    Molluscan dentistry The Tales that Teeth Tell
    Views from the fourth dimension: A dying need for Wild Places
    The industrious flea
    Quips, quotes & curios: The harvestman's taxonomic tool
    Quips, quotes & curios: When is an animal a plant?
    Morning glories of the Gulf
    Rare & endangered: Rufous Hare-wallaby
    Poster: Red-capped Robin
    What are Museums for?
    Peopling the Pacific: The Lapita Homeland Project
    A bronze find in PNG
    Book Reviews
    Australian wild foods: On the Liru Trail
    Photoart: Crystal art
    Forum: The ABRS - For what does it stand?
Spring 1988 Vol XXII No 10 Letters: Lighten up!
    Letters: Doublegees
    Letters: Fostering forest fears
    Letters: Scapegoats for Creation 'Science'
    Satellite tracking: A new direction for research
    Saving whales with bows and arrows
    Tuning in to the six seasons of the Wet-Dry Tropics
    Quips, quotes & curios: Maybe bats ain't bats
    Quips, quotes & curios: Rats, ratcatchers and ratbags
    The odd life of larval fish
    The unfitness of fat
    Poster: Banksia Beetle
    Stuffed & pickled: Treasures from the historic Australian Museum mammal collection
    Books: Ovulation and Evolution
    Australian wild foods: Reminiscing
    Photoart: Patterns in nature
    Rare & endangered: Freckled Duck
    Views from the Fourth Dimension Our oral arsenal: A natural legacy of primate aggression
    Stromatolites: The ultimate living fossils
Summer 1988-89 Vol XXII No 11 Letters: Algal blues
    Letters: A potter's request
    Letters: Grants not for granted
    Letters: Confronting criticism
    Letters: Ovulation and evolution
    Letters: Bittersweat
    Voyage to Elizabeth & Middleton Reefs
    Supplication of the crocodile: A curing ritual from Papua New Guinea
    Quips, quotes & curios: Birds of prey and shades of grey
    Quips, quotes & curios: A case of mistaken identity
    Forum: Hunting: A conservation strategy?
    Photoart: Jumping spiders
    Poster: Weddell Seal
    The Nature of Australia
    Dragons & damsels: An in-depth penetration of their sexual strategies
    Views from the Fourth Dimension: The four-dimensional 'Bioblob' called Life
    Books: Editions and Traditions
    Australian wild foods: Native fruiting weeds
    Antarctic fish: Coping with life in icy waters
    Rare & endangered: 'Extinct' plants rediscovered
    Life without legs the pygopodid lizards
Autumn 1989 Vol XXII No 12 Letters: The thick and the thin
    Letters: A taller story
    Letters: Fair go for farmers
    Letters: Accolade for Alex
    Quips, quotes & curios: Prickled, not pricked
    Quips, quotes & curios: Hot-bellied shark
    Quips, quotes & curios: The sign of the clap
    Quips, quotes & curios: Pyramid-building technique
    Quips, quotes & curios: Painless preparation of crustaceans for consumption
    Quips, quotes & curios: Keeping fruit fresh with lobsters
    Quips, quotes & curios: The missionary position
    Quips, quotes & curios: Sheep know who their friends are
    Quips, quotes & curios: The bite electric
    Quips, quotes & curios: A diet of glass
    Quips, quotes & curios: What's in a name? Drongo
    Question & answer: Days in a year
    Question & answer: Prehistoric giants
    Questions & answers: Ozone hole vs greenhouse effect
    Questions & answers: Largest meteorite crater
    Questions & answers: Phosphorescence
    Views from the Fourth Dimension: Slime monsters will be human too
    From the Archives: Cook's feathered cape
    Profile: David Suzuki
    Still Evolving: Heaven, hell & heirarchies
    Rare & endangered: The rarest gum tree
    Wild foods: The Yarrabah Way
    Controversy: Dinosaur extinctions
    Missing Links: Peripatus: up here for thinking?
    Sea creatures: Argonauts: Ancient mariners in boats of shell
    Traditions: Honeyants: A desert delicacy
    Bird Watching: The world's rarest penguin
    Insect Behaviour: The horny antics of antlered flies
    Photoart: Fungal fantasies
    Science in environmental policy
Winter 1989 Vol XXIII No 1 Letters: Surveyors of yore
    Letters: Bombing at Middleton
    Letters: No more religion!
    Letters: Another algal blue
    Letters: The other dinosaur theory
    Letters: What next?
    Letters: Hunting showdown
    Quips, quotes & curios: Throwing up a grubby defence
    Quips, quotes & curios: Guaranteed to make you yawn
    Quips, quotes & curios: Why bats hang upside down
    Quips, quotes & curios: Polly want some alphabet soup?
    Quips, quotes & curios: Action plan for Australian marsupials
    Quips, quotes & curios: The fungus and the fly
    Quips, quotes & curios: Contemplation of the navel
    Quips, quotes & curios: A fish a day ...
    Quips, quotes & curios: Earth-moving discoveries on the ocean's bottom
    Quips, quotes & curios: Eggs that swim
    Quips, quotes & curios: What's in a name?
    From the archives: The great (fake) diamond robbery
    Wild foods: Signposting the past
    Profile: The Hunger for Salt - Derek Denton
    Plague in the Pacific
    A 'spy' for Science: Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay 1846-1888
    Bizarre breeders: Frogs as parents and providers
    The cold light of the firefly
    Python on the prowl
    Reflections on the Murray Black Collection
    Photoart: NSW Field Ornithologists Club: 1988 Competition results
    Paradise Parrot
    Gods, Gaia & the wound of heaven
    Natural selection
    Questions & answers: White possums
    Questions & answers: Fly speed
    Questions & answers: Shark Bay for national park?
    Questions & answers: Snake slough
    Questions & answers: Pet snakes
    Questions & answers: The long and the short of it
    Questions & answers: Dating Aboriginal rock art
    Questions & answers: Evolutionary wisdom
    The Last Word: New lamps for old!