The truth about Miss Muffet?

Little Miss Muffet

Sat on a tuffet

Eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider,

And sat down beside her

And frightened Miss Muffet away.

Miss Patience Muffet's father, the Reverend Dr Thomas Muffet (1553-1604), believed passionately that spiders could cure many ailments. He wrote that having plenty of spiders in the house prevented gout, and that the dung and urine of house spiders cured running eyes!

He often tried these spider cures on his poor daughter Patience. Could this be why she was so frightened of spiders?


In 1962, the first Spiderman comic strip was published in a magazine by Marvel Comics. It sold so well that Marvel created a magazine just for Spiderman. There are now several Spiderman titles including a Japanese version. It seems that Spiderman is here to stay.

But who is Spiderman and how did he get his special powers?

Spiderman is Peter Parker, an ordinary man who was bitten by a radioactive spider. The bite gave him incredible strength, a sixth 'spider' sense and the ability to climb on walls and ceilings. However, he did not use these powers to fight evil until he saw his own uncle killed in a robbery.