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Juvenile tropical fish species are often sighted well south of their recorded distributions.  Professor David Booth of the University of Technology has been working for years to document the ranges and biology of tropical species that enter temperate waters.  The table below records rec

Please email David Booth with your juvenile fish sightings or visit his webpage.  You will need to provide the following details:  Date, location, habitat, depth, scientific name (highest taxonomic resolution possible), approximate size, number, observer, contact info (optional).


Common  name




First sighting?



Another interesting project that David Booth is involved in is Redmap.  Redmap Tasmania is now online.  As stated on the website, "Each year over 120,000 Tasmanians go fishing at least once. Imagine ...120,000 potential 'citizen scientists' collecting valuable data about the marine environment! We did. Welcome to REDMAP".