Andrew King - Research Assistant, ACWG

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    Technical Officer, Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics
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    Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics
    Australian Museum Research Institute
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Andrew studied Environmental Biology as part of an Applied Science Degree (unfinished) at UTS in the early 80’s. A brief stint in the public service led him to a technical position at CSIRO Division of Biotechnology in 1984. This was an exciting time to be working in molecular biology as the technology was new and changing rapidly.

Over the next 24 years he was fortunate to work for some of the best Biomedical research labs in Australia. (CSIRO Division of Biotechnology North Ryde. NSW, Centre for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology UQ. Brisbane, QLD, Johnson & Johnson Research. Redfern, NSW) Projects he worked on included anti-viral gene therapeutics targeting HIV and developing robotic Q-PCR screening assays for gene expression.

After 24 years of biomedical research it was time for a new challenge.

In 2008 Andrew joined the Australian Museum as a Technical Officer working on termite genetics with Dr Nathan Lo, bringing with him a wealth of molecular experience and technical knowledge. This was when he became interested in Australia’s cryptic microbat species and that passion is still going strong.

He’s worked for the Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics (ACWG) on a diverse range of projects including Isopods from Kakadu, White-Fronted Chats, identification of bird/bat aircraft strikes for Australian airports, Cookie-cutter sharks, Sunfish, Rock Wallabies from the remote Kimberley, the Koala Transcriptome/Genome and Koala Retrovirus (KoRV) and Lord Howe Island Woodhen genetics.

35 years in research, 30 scientific publications and it still blows him away how much we don’t know about the natural world. You never know what amazing discovery is around the corner.


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