Presented annually by the Australian Museum since 1990, the Eureka Prizes raise the profile of science in the community by celebrating outstanding achievements in Australian scientific research and leadership, school science and science communication.

Why become a Eureka Prizes partner?

  • Place your organisation on a serious national platform in recognition of its position as a major player in Australia's scientific community;
  • Enjoy a tailor-made prize to suit your strategic objectives launched on a successful national platform;
  • Align your organisation with a brand synonymous with prestige, dedication and commitment to the Australian scientific community;
  • Make a low risk investment by joining a committed established partnership with the major players in Australian science;
  • Enjoy the spoils of critical mass by investing in a significant national event that individually would be out of reach;
  • Extend your networks and relationships, providing good-will and opportunities for collaboration;
  • Make a contribution to addressing national skills shortage in science by creating science heroes that inspire and inform the next generation;
  • Make a positive impact on someone's life. Research has shown that winning a Eureka Prize can enhance national and international reputation; assist career development and raise awareness and recognition of scientific research being done in Australia;
  • Enjoy an instant association with Australia's premier national science awards program.

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