The Australian Museum and Bunnings have partnered together on the National Frog Pond Building Project as part of the Australian Museum’s FrogID Citizen Science Project since 2017.

The aim of this partnership is to engage with local schools and communities to:

  • Create and maintain habitats that attract and support frogs in schools around Australia to help conservation efforts and improve the health of urban and suburban ecosystems.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of frogs and the environment
  • Encourage the use of the FrogID app and recruit ‘froggers’ (FrogID users) to participate in a program that is helping to provide an important snapshot of Australia’s environmental health.

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This project received funding from the Australian Government

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There’s no way scientists can count Australia’s frogs on their own. The country’s too big and there’s too many frogs! That’s where you come in. With FrogID, citizen scientists just like you can help us put frogs on the map!

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