Tawny Frogmouth illustration by Celia Curtis
Tawny Frogmouth illustration by Celia Curtis. Image: Celia Curtis
© Celia Curtis

Ages: 15+

Even in the modern age of high-resolution imaging, scientific illustration is still an invaluable resource to scientists.

In this exclusive Members' workshop, discover the art of science in the portraiture of one of our favourite native creatures – the Tawny Frogmouth. Hosted by paelo-artist and scientific illustrator Celia Curtis, participants will learn techniques to capture the details of this brilliant bird and bring it to life on the page.

Delve into nature, and the significance of this timeless scientific practice in this 90 minute workshop for participants of all abilities.

Pencils and paper provided.

This is an AM Members' event.

Please refer to the AM's refund policy here. Members Benefits are for registered AM Members only.

Celia Curtis

Palaeo-art workshop: Bringing Dinosaurs to Life

Celia Curtis is a paleo-artist, published scientific illustrator, art educator and performer.

Image: Anna Kučera
© Australian Museum

Celia Curtis loves creatures great and small (huge and minuscule to be exact). She is a paleo-artist, published scientific illustrator, art educator and performer. Celia has worked as a paleo-artist at Erth Australia for many years, taught kids how to paint prehistoric creatures for The Paleoentological Society of America and the Australian Museum; illustrated birds for NSW Land Services and countless moths for American Lepidopterist Dr. Sandra Schachat.

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