Scientist for a Day Palaeontologist - 21 January 2021

Scientist for a Day Palaeontologist school holidays program.

Image: Anna Kučera
© Australian Museum

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Ages: 9-12 years

The Scientist for a Day program is a full day social and educational workshop for young minds aged 9-12 years, designed to show kids what it’s like to work in different areas of science.

During the spring holidays, your child can discover the mesmerising world of dinosaurs at Scientist for a Day. Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Dinosaurs Gallery, where they'll encounter lifelike exhibits that will transport them to prehistoric times. They will take a peek behind-the-scenes and see the intricate workings of our collections lab, where fossils are meticulously studied and preserved.

Esteemed Palaeontologist, Dr Patrick Smith, will share his expertise and captivating tales of discovery. As participants delve into the mysteries of evolution they will learn how dinosaurs skillfully adapted to the changing landscapes by developing unique characteristics and survival strategies.

This interactive workshop promises to ignite your child's curiosity and leave them with a profound understanding of Earth's majestic past and the secret daily life of dinosaurs.

  • Hat
  • Water bottle
  • Bag
  • Lunch and snacks – there will be no option to purchase food on the day. Weather permitting, lunch will take place in Cook and Phillip Park (across the road from the Australian Museum)
  • Any required medication

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Patrick Smith

Dr Patrick Smith standing atop fossilised Early Cambrian (520 million year old) stromatolites at Ross River Gorge

Dr Patrick Smith, Technical Officer, Palaeontology at the Australian Museum.

Image: Dr Patrick Smith
© Australian Museum

Dr Patrick Smith obtained a PhD at Macquarie University looking at Middle Cambrian (500–510 million year old) marine invertebrates from Ross River Gorge near Alice Springs in central Australia. He also was a previous curator at the Richmond Marine Fossil Museum (Kronosaurus Korner) in far northwest Queensland and a technical officer in the geology department at the University of New South Wales. Currently he is working to database the Australian Museum’s entire Palaeontology Collection. This includes all the material onsite, as well as the material at the museum offsite storage facility.

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