Quokkapocalypse Arludo game

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Ages: 7 to 15

Duration: 60-90 mins

Hosted by Dr Michael Kasumovic

Join the Arludo team and special guest scientists for live gaming on Twitch as they try to maintain peace in Quokkapocalypse, a game produced exclusively for the Sydney Science Trail.

Talking through real-world science as they go, the experts will lead players to explore the intricacy of the food chain and how it holds the ecosystem together.

Become a conservation biologist in this interactive live game to help these friendly marsupials keep the peace and make sure our ecosystems are stable. Learn more about food webs and make sure that all the animals have what they need to survive.

The Arludo team will be joined by some special guest scientists – tune in to find out more.

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About Arludo

Arludo is a science education company specialising in the development of mobile games that teach science for students ranging from primary school to university. Founded by Dr Michael Kasumovic, an avid gamer and Associate Professor in evolutionary biology based at the University of New South Wales, Arludo has developed 25 free apps which are available on the App Store and Google Play and have been downloaded over 300,000 times.

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