Palaeo-art workshop: Bringing Dinosaurs to Life

Become a palaeo artist as you combine your imagination with scientific evidence to illustrate dinosaur discoveries from Australia and around the world.

Image: Anna Kučera
© Australian Museum

Dates Age Time
Thursday 5, Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October 5-8 years 10.15am – 11.15am
Thursday 5, Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October 9-12 years 11.45am – 1.15pm
Thursday 5, Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October 13-16 years 2pm – 3.30pm

Ages: 5-8 years, 9-12 years and 13-16 years

How do we know what dinosaurs looked like? In this exciting workshop, children will combine scientific evidence with their imagination and artistic prowess to illustrate dinosaur discoveries from Australia and around the world.

Led by Celia Curtis, a successful palaeo-artist and scientific illustrator with a degree in Visual Arts from the University of South Australia, these workshops merge art and science, just as palaeo-artists do in their professional work. Unleash your child's creativity whilst they develop a deeper understanding of the magnificent creatures that once roamed the Earth.

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Celia Curtis

Palaeo-art workshop: Bringing Dinosaurs to Life
January School Holidays 2021 - Palaeo-art workshop: Bringing Dinosaurs to Life, Tuesday 19 January in Patricia McDonald Education Rooms. In this introductory workshop, children learn basic techniques and receive their own art kit that includes Derivan watercolour pencils, paper and brushes. Workshops are led by scientific illustrator Celia Curtis. Image: Anna Kučera
© Australian Museum

Celia Curtis is a multidisciplinary artist. She is an experienced scenic painter, maker and a published scientific illustrator. She first worked as a scenic painter for Erth Visual & Physical in 2003, moving on to numerous other theatres and companies including The Opera House. After ten years of prolific work in theatre, TV, illustration and rock band White Knuckle Fever, she returned to Erth in 2013 where she continues to work full time as head of the painting department.

Celia also completed an artist residency at the Australian National Insect Collection in 2016, in the Lepidoptera section. She has since had multiple scientific illustrations published in America for lepidopterist Dr. Sandra Schachat, and has also illustrated birds for NSW South East Local Land Services. Celia continues to explore paleo art and design paint schemes with enthusiasm.

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