Giant Cuttlefish and the Winter Garden
Giant cuttlefish (Sepia apama) are often seen and approached by swimmers and divers along the southern coast of Australia in late winter. This is the largest of all cuttlefish species, and despite being colourblind, they are masters of camouflage with the ability to change their size, shape, colour and even texture of their bodies. Image: Alejandro Trevino
© Alejandro Trevino (Conditional use only for AGNPY)

Ages: 12+

As the 2022 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year exhibition draws to a close, celebrate the creativity and bravery of the featured photographers in this exclusive, Members-only event.

The afternoon will begin with a talk, where Portfolio winner Alejandro Trevino will share his insights as a nature photographer, with a particular focus on his love of sharks and underwater photography. Then, Members can explore the exhibition with Alejandro, ask questions and learn more about his photographs along the way.

The 2022 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year, a South Australian Museum exhibition, closes on Sunday 11 December. Don't miss this opportunity to be one of the last people to experience the exhibition, guided by one of its winners.

This is an AM Members' event.

Alejandro Trevino

Mexican-Australian underwater and nature photographer, Alejandro Trevino.
Mexican-Australian underwater and nature photographer, Alejandro Trevino. Image: Alejandro Trevino
© Alejandro Trevino

Alejandro is a Mexican-Australian underwater and nature photographer, currently based on the North Shore of Sydney. Initially trained as an Architect, he has developed an extensive career in Urban Design and Sustainable Development.

In recent years, his interest in sustainable cities and urban nature has overlapped with his other great passions for freediving and wildlife photography. Today, he uses photography as a medium to increase awareness about our impact upon the ecosystem, the value of nature in our cities and to bring people closer to the environment.

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