Join one of the lead creators of the Winhangadurinya immersive experience in Unsettled, Fleur Magick Dennis from Milan Dhiiyaan, in conversation with Dr Mariko Smith, to discuss this special experiential space. Fleur will share the development of the cultural concept of Winhangadurinya and its embodiment of the cultural practice of deep listening, reflecting and meditation as a pathway to healing and the birth of a new “Australia.”

About Winhangadurinya
The Winhangadurinya deep listening, reflecting and meditation space was designed by Fleur and Laurance Magick Dennis from Milan Dhiiyaan, and created in collaboration with Elders, cultural knowledge holders and Community members. Winhangadurinya is a Wiradyuri word meaning deep listening/reflecting/meditation. The Winhangadurinya space gives visitors the opportunity, upon completing their journey through the Unsettled exhibition, to spend some time in the cultural practice of deep listening and to help reflect upon the effects of invasion and genocide in order to work alongside First Nations for a better shared future.

About Unsettled
This land was not peacefully settled – Unsettled uncovers the untold histories behind this nation’s foundation story. In this groundbreaking exhibition, First Nations voices reveal the hidden stories of survival and the fight for recognition. Featuring more than 80 significant cultural objects, immersive experiences and contemporary artworks, Unsettled illuminates the power of truth-telling to realise change. Understanding our shared past is an important step towards healing for a better shared future.

About Fleur Magick Dennis

Milan Dhiiyaan means “One Family or One Mob.” We are referring to all of us, all of humanity, as one family on mother earth. Milan Dhiiyaan provides Aboriginal cultural immersion experiences for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people of our Australian and global community.

Milan Dhiiyaan is led by Wiradjuri/Wailwaan songwoman and senior cultural educator Nyimirr (Fleur Magick Dennis) and Wailwaan/Yuin songman and senior cultural educator Millmullian (Laurance Magick Dennis).

We believe that our ancient Aboriginal cultural ways of being, doing and knowing hold untapped possibilities for all people in terms of opportunities to create better understandings of ourselves, each other and our earth.

About Dr Mariko Smith

Dr Mariko Smith is a Yuin woman with Japanese heritage. Dr Smith is the First Nations Collections & Engagement Manager at the Australian Museum, assistant curator of the Unsettled exhibition and also an Honorary Associate in the School of Literature, Art & Media at the University of Sydney. She undertakes an interdisciplinary practice which encompasses museology, contemporary art, visual sociology, research methodology, epistemology, and history. Dr Smith has worked in the museum and tertiary sectors in Sydney, specialising in Aboriginal cultural heritage, community-based cultural resurgence projects, and incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing into museum and artistic practices. She has a PhD from the University of Sydney (Department of Sociology & Social Policy) in Aboriginal tied-bark canoe making practice through cultural resurgence.

Unsettled Opening Event 21 May 2021

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