View of earth from Apollo 17
View of the Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew traveling toward the moon. Image: NASA
© Unsplash License

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Ages: 13+

Duration: 60

Private companies like SpaceX are making great progress in humanity’s ability to access space for exploration or even recreation, with billions of dollars being invested annually on research and development of new technologies. For many space enthusiasts, colonising Mars is the next big step for humanity. However, many ask why would we spend so much money making a new planet habitable when we already have Earth? What would it look like if we focused this investment on the challenges facing Earth? Join our panel of scientists as we debate the need to explore space against the need to protect our home, planet Earth.

This event will feature Dr Marco Duretto (Royal Botanic Garden Sydney), Dr Jenny Newell (Australian Museum and Annie Handmer (University of Sydney), and hosted by Suzanne Hill (ABC Radio Sydney).

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