The Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize, sponsored by the University of Sydney, is a short film competition for Australian school students.


The competition invites students, either individually or as a team, to research a scientific concept, discovery or invention, or test a hypothesis, and then make an engaging and entertaining one to three minute film about what they have learnt.

Students are encouraged to choose a topic they are curious about. Past entries have explored areas as diverse as dark matter; solar energy; animal cloning; 3D printing; why papercuts hurt so much; and how basic scientific principles can save lives on the road.

Sydney based teacher Annie Martin says “Sleek Geeks Science is a great way to extend and challenge students who are really into science without giving them another worksheet based activity. Students can take a topic that sparked their interest in class and then explore it as they make a short film.”

2017 Eureka Prizes
Australia’s premier science awards celebrated scientific breakthroughs from around the country, ranging from robots that are making Australia a world leader in farm automation, to technology that can reliably produce life-saving oxygen for newborns in hospitals. Fifteen awards - worth $150,000 in prize money - were presented on Wednesday night (August 30), recognising excellence in science, research and innovation, scientific leadership and engagement, and school science across a broad spectrum – from environmental and innovative technologies, to national security, citizen science and for the first time, data science. Image: Daniel O'Doherty
© Australian Museum

More than science

Entrants regularly report that they have a huge amount of fun making their short film. Teachers and parents alike report that students not only expand their scientific knowledge but also gain experience in group work, time management, project management and adhering to set judging criteria.

You don’t have to be science mad to get involved. David Davies, a teacher from Victoria who has supported students to enter since 2008 says, “I’ve seen students, who haven’t always performed well in their science class but who have a passion for film making, get involved. Through the process they really got into the science and astounded themselves, their parents and their teachers with how much they learnt.”

Prizes to be won

All students who enter will receive a participation certificate. The ten best entries in both the primary and secondary categories (as selected by the judges) will be posted a highly commended certificate.

In the Primary category there is a winner and runner up and in the Secondary category a winner, 2nd and 3rd place. All of these students will win a trip to Sydney for the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes awards ceremony, where they will have the chance to meet Australia’s leading scientists, along with Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize patrons Dr Karl and Adam Spencer. There is a prize pool of $10,000 to be shared equally between the winning students and their school. Winners also receive book vouchers. So many great reasons to get involved!

Get involved

Visit the Sleek Geeks Science website to read more about the competition. Here you can find all of the entry details, judging criteria and tips from the judges. If you’re a teacher, download the suggested lesson plans and introduce Sleek Geeks Science to your class. Head over to YouTube and watch the highly commended and winning entries from 2017.

Entries are now open and close on Friday 4 May 2018.

Contact the Eureka Prizes team via email or phone (02) 9320 6230.