It is that time of year again when we need to look at our waste. We need to rethink how we look at waste and look for positive solutions. If you need some ideas and you are a small business “Sustainable Growth” is a great new book written by Jon Dee.

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There a lot of people around the world who do great things for our planet but to me Jon Dee is extraordinary. Jon has an ability to take complex environmental issues and make them simple to understand. This new book is aimed at businesses and it is full of so much information.

As time goes by more and more consumers will want to do business with sustainable businesses and this book shows business how to help the environment and their bottom line.

The book contains case studies of lots of different types of business that have made significant changes for the better. Also there are so many different links where you can get the right information to help you along the way.
The book is practical and simple to understand and I am sure once you read it you will be inspired to take action!

Here is the link to download your free copy: In Jon Dee words “Do Something!”

Remember: Habits made today will help life tomorrow.