When a natural disaster strikes children, little children under the age of five are most at risk. Children in developing countries and those at war already have a difficult time and when a natural disaster occurs it just adds to their problems.

During the week Billabong held their Design for Humanity event in Sydney raising needed funds for UNICEF and the children in Pakistan dealing with the recent floods.

Pakistan, as we already know have some serious issues dealing with the fighting going on there. A lot of children in Pakistan are already malnourished and the floods are bringing more health issue for them to deal with and some of these health problems are life threatening. Many children and women are now suffering from chest infections, diarrhea and skin problems.

In natural disasters children do suffer the consequences of these disasters the most as they are not able to look after themselves or relatives when disasters hit. In natural disasters children do get sick and then they are unable to go to school for long periods of time and they are then unable to break the poverty cycle.

No one can say for sure that this disaster has resulted because of change in our planets weather. This disaster is in line with scientists who have predicted that changes in our climate will mean we will see more natural disasters and the severity of these disasters will increase.

I am passionate about our planets environment and I was honored to be an Ambassador for this event as I am passionate about bringing awareness that with climate change it will be kids like me and younger living in developing countries that will be affected the most. Remember that children in developing countries produce very little carbon emissions or none at all.

I have met lots of kids from around the world and have interviewed them about what they are experiencing and I have seen poverty. Some, in fact a lot of them do not even have their basic needs met – things like clean drinking water, somewhere safe to live and out of the weather, little or no education and not enough food. These kids will face more health problems such as Malaria. Do you know that Malaria kills 3,000 children every day, yes every day! Malaria is a preventable and only costs a few dollars to buy a repellent treated mosquito net. A few dollars can save a precious life.

I would like to say congratulations to Billabong for helping to raise needed funds for the children in Pakistan. If you feel you would like to help log onto to the UNICEF website: www.unicef.org or your favorite charity to help kids in need.

Remember: Habits made today will help life tomorrow.