A new book titled “Billabong Boy” has just been released. It is the story of Arron Wood and the things he overcame to become Australia’s leader in environmental education for children.

I met Arron a few years ago and I am proud to call him a friend. His philosophy of “kids teaching kids” is a philosophy I too believe in. I was very excited when I found Arron and what he was doing for two reasons. One because he was doing what I thought was necessary and two his passion for the environment was something I had not seen before. Arron is amazing, he is funny, he is smart, he is a great speaker and overall he is super cool!

Anyway he has just released his book called “Billabong Boy” which I think is so appropriate. I have not had the opportunity to read the whole book (because of school commitments) but I have flicked through it and there looks like there are some really sad bits along with a lot of interesting bits. You can buy the book at any good book store – its only $24.95. Please support this great Australian, he really does do great things for environmental education. Also if you can get along to one of his conferences you won’t be disappointed. They are a great learning experience and trust me you will have fun and make new friends. For all the details of the conferences here is the link to his website: http://www.kidsteachingkids.com.au

Remember “Habits made today will help life tomorrow.”