The Australian Museum Archives holds more than 150 years of records of the Museum, its people, buildings, science, exhibitions and events. In this blog we want to share some of the things we enjoy about our collections, tell some Museum stories and give you an insight into the work we do every da

‘Rare and Curious’

The name of our blog is taken from the Museum’s founding document, a letter from Earl Bathurst (Secretary of State for the Colonies) to Governor Darling in 1827, granting £200 per year for the establishment and running of the Australian Museum:

Downing Street, 30 March, 1827.
It having been represented to me that it would be very desirable were the Government to afford its aid towards the formation of a Publick Museum at New South Wales, where it is stated that many rare and curious specimens of Natural History are to be procured. ... I am disposed ... to allow a Sum, not exceeding £200 per annum, to be disbursed for the purpose of assisting in the accomplishment of this object ...

I have, &c,