On Friday 12 June, 32 teachers and 12 Museum staff came together to talk about how we can provide inspiring learning experiences for students using the rich resources of the Museum.

On Friday 12 June, 32 teachers across all stages and curriculum areas came together with around 12 Museum staff to talk about how we can provide inspiring learning experiences for students using the rich resources of the Museum at our inaugural Teachers' College.

Participants were invited to:

  • explore the resources available at the Australian Museum - including our exhibitions, collections, research and programs currently on offer
  • discuss current and future trends in teaching and learning from teachers working at the 'coalface'
  • brainstorm new and creative ways in which the Museum can engage with learners both as onsite and virtual visitors

At the end of this inspiring day we were left with some thoughts of teachers and staff:

By taking ideas from teachers (the educators) you are helping to stimulate children's development in all ages. We too are constantly learning from you, therefore we are both "opening the door with the key" for children. Thank you.

Thank you for the wonderful experience today. The museum is always a place of inspiration and wonder. It revs us up as educators to see just what we can do for our students and ourselves. Leaving here as excited as I arrived!

Education is the key and the museum is a real and concrete way of making education relevant. Providing the opportunity of working with teachers collaboratively is real education.

Capture yourself, capture your imagination, capture the museum.

Personally - these sessions are one of the reasons I am at the Museum. It is all to easy to become bogged down in the details of budgets and the day-to-day business of keeping afloat.That I get to take time out to listen, talk, think about what I do and why i do it is something that I cherish - it is a privilege that not all workplaces provide. (Staff Member)

The concept of "Teachers College" was a fresh and unique idea that seemed to benefit both teachers and the Australian Museum. I was impressed at the museum's openness to suggestions, particularly staff's willingness and encouraging attitudes towards ideas from both myself and the teachers at my table. The idea of interactive discussions lead by a table leader allowed for ideas to be shared in a comfortable atmosphere. The sense of excitement and shared passion was obvious. The teacher's loved sharing their experiences and this was supported by encouraging staff. (Staff Member)

We now have a clearer understanding of current and future trends in education and in a strong position to meet the needs of our educational visitors to the physical museum, to our outreach programs as well as online, in new and creative ways.

I'll blog more as we work further with this key stakeholder group.