Museum Studies intern Willy Kwong is working on the Archives' Harry Burrell photograph collection.

Hello my name is Willy Kwong.

I am a post-graduate intern in Museum Studies from the University of Sydney. I am currently working in the Archives and Records department of the Australian Museum. Being young and all, people generally believe that I am well attuned to high tech stuff such as the internet so I have been given the opportunity to write a blog. All of this hopefully contributes to the museum’s ever increasing need in digitization and reaching the public.

During this internship I am responsible for re-housing and scanning a set of glass plate negatives. These plate negatives feature pictures taken by Henry Burrell, who do it first for keeping a record and second for fun. He was widely credited to be the first naturalist to breed platypus in captivity and a rather controversial photo of a Thylacine (commonly referred to as Tasmanian Tiger). Apart from re-housing them I am also responsible for scanning them. Although this requires a lot of attention, it is incredibly rewarding to see the picture of these amazing animals captured in photography.

So far it’s been fun.

Best regards