After two and a half years at the Australian Museum, Henry has resigned from his position as Krefft's Turtle, Emydura krefftii, in the Surviving Australia exhibition.

Seriously though, Henry will be leaving the Australian Museum due to keeping staff deciding that he is too large and curious to be housed safely with the new hatchling Freshwater Crocodiles.

Henry's new home will be at the Australian Reptile Park at Somersby where he will be able to enjoy the company of other Krefft's Turtles.

A smaller and more passive species will be sought in the coming months to live with the baby crocs, so please watch this space.

Did you know?

This species of turtle was described by Dr J. E. Gray of the British Museum of Natural History in 1871. The first specimens were collected from the Burnett River in south-east Queensland by the Australian Museum under the then curator Gerard Krefft, who later forwarded them to the British Museum. The species was therefore named by Dr Gray Chelymys krefftii in honour of Krefft.