The new hatchling crocodiles had their first veterinary appointment today and recieved a clean bill of health.

After being at the Australian Museum for a month the young Freshwater Crocodiles, Crocodylus johnstonii, completed their quarantine period and required a full health check to ensure that they were growing properly and adjusting to their new home in Surviving Australia.

Dr David Vella, reptile veterinarian from North Shore Veterinary Specialist Centre gave each hatchling a thorough examination. A fecal analysis was performed to check for internal parasites and the the young crocs were weighed and measured to monitor their growth.

All three tiny crocodiles are very healthy and despite their snappy jaws and large appetites, we were amused to find out that they are only slightly heavier than the largest of our Green Tree Frogs, Litoria caerulea, however this will not stay the case for long.

Did you know?

The hatchlings are all around 32cm long and feed mostly on captive-raised crickets and cockroaches. However Freshwater Crocodiles can grow to around 3m in total length. Despite their huge size, the main wild diet of adults still consist mainly of insects.