The Museum featured in the television show Beauty and the Geek - here's some of what happened.

The Museum featured as a challenge in the television show Beauty and the Geek. The beauties had to conduct some tours with visitors and were rated on their performance by one of our staff. Here's some gems...

Welcome to the Australian Museum which is in Australia.

What is that dinosaur called? (points to stegosaur skull) That's called a ... Shalorous McDonald.

How long do stick insects live for? Depends who's holding them.

(discussing a Diprotodon) This one is called a Mohegogon after the Mohegogon family tribe.

When i found out i would be touching bugs I freaked. It was looking at me ... he wants to eat me.

So here we are in the touchy-feely room.

(holding a live lizard) It's sort of like a fashion accessory, you could wear this to the races. It's very Australian outback.

You can watch the episode here. Actually, doing tours and handling live animals is really hard so I thought they did well and it really was rather delightful! Oh, only watch it for 8 minutes as the rest of the show is hmm...